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Rules and Schtuff - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Welcome to the Other Roleplay Area, where you can do RPs involving characters other than the pets we offer on this site. (w00t!)

We don't have many rules, so please, take the time to follow the ones we do have.

All roleplays have to stay PG13 maximum. And yesss that means you're allowed blood and gore and swearing-- just no explicit sex, okay? We'd like the younger folks' innocence to stay in-tact, thank you. If you're not sure if an idea you have is PG13-, feel free to message any mod via PM to ask. Don't worry, we won't bite ya too hard ^.^

No GodModing/Powerplaying unless you get permission and state said granted permission at the top of the post. If you do not do so you will get a PM from the threads mod.

No Mary/Gary Sues. Fair play, please. Nobody likes a little Miss Perfect shooting them down.

If another user is bothering you or giving you any trouble at all, please PM a mod or admin. We're here to help, probably. >.>

And, last but not least, BE RESPECTFUL. This is a general rule in life, folks. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. If ya don't follow this rule, a warning will be sent out. If you keep doing it, you'll get the boot. Simple as that.


One final note: Please state in your title if your RP is private or open, so that others know whether or not they can join. Just a few key-punches can make so many peoples' lives much easier.

Thankies for reading all the rules! Go wild and have fun~ 8D

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