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Rules - Please Read

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1Rules - Please Read Empty Rules - Please Read on 04/04/10, 03:24 pm

Listen To The Very Few Rules We've Got And You'll Be Fine.

Keep any and all roleplays PG13. If you don't know what is considered PG13 and under feel free to message the mod of this thread via PM. Or any of the other mods for that matter. We'll kindly explain. But we expect you all to understand.

No GodModing/Powerplaying unless you get permission and state said granted permission at the top of the post. If you do not do so you will get a PM from the threads mod.

All Mary And Gary-Sues Are Unable To Battle! We Love Fair Play Here Just Like Everywhere Else. If You Want To Roleplay A Mary Or Gary-Sue We Suggest Finding A Roleplay Site That Allows Them. You've Been Warned.

Something that applies to all threads: If another user is bothering you or giving you any trouble at all please PM a mod or admin. That is part of the reason we are here.

Another thing that applies to all threads, please be kind and respectful to the other users as well as the mods and admins. (This also means you must listen to all mods and admins no exceptions.) If you're disrespectful to other players, mods or admins you will get a warning.


In other news, please state in your title if your rp is private or open so that others know whether they can join or not. It'll make everyones lives much easier.

Thanks You! =^-^=

Now Go On And Have Fun! :3

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