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Fun (Open)

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1Fun (Open) Empty Fun (Open) on 05/04/10, 11:04 pm


'kay, so thank you to kit who's officially gotten the roleplay area started! Lets hope to get some more rps up and going. So I'm setting up an rp and have left it open for others to join. 8D

It's not got much of a background, but basically it's somewhere in the wild, probably a forest or something, and a group of 'pets' (from our site xD) will be heading off on some adventure - unknown to them though, since they just start heading somewhere xD - and yeah. There's gonna be a new pet coming out REALLY soon (like within the next few hours or something) and I might play one of those as well, but for now, here's my character:

Fun (Open) Hallow_belzee

His name is Beezle and he's very quite, tends to get upset easily and loves to walk around - but he's not old, he just acts old. He's 5 yrs (not human yrs). So don't freak out too much if he gets pissed off.


Just postin' this girl up here 'cause I think I'm gonna add her in. (this isn't the one I was talking about above this edit x3) Her name's Teea, and she's a little emo girl. She hates everyone and loves no one. She has good reason for it, but you'll have to find out why - even my desc. of her in my Kennel doesn't tell you the full reason - or even hint at it for that matter ;P I'll post with her the next time I post 8D

Fun (Open) PandaTest2

Okay, so just post your characters and go ahead and join. I'll say -closed- in the title when I've gotten enough people. It's also any order to post.


Beezle bent low, snuffling at some odd looking kind of plant. It was shaped like a...heart? or was that a star? How do you get those two mixed up anyways. Well, this plant obviously was. He shrugged and lifted his head taking a few more steps, then stopped once again. That tree looked funny too. Very....wiggly. His head and most of his body tilted sideways as he tried to understand the thing in of him, but he finally gave up. With a heavy sigh, he moved on.

Within ten seconds he was stopped again. This time at a little stream that ran near his burrow-thing. The water was so clear, you could see all the little pebbles at the bottom. The sun even glinted off the surface making it seem very sparky and mesmerizing. Beezle smiled and dipped a paw in the water. It was cold. He sunk his paw in further, realized it was deeper than it seemed and- fell in.

He let out a squeak before his muzzle sank under. The current wasn't that strong and it honestly wasn't all that deep, so before long he'd shoved off the bottom and broke the surface, paddling hard towards the edge of the river/stream thing - which he was now no longer fascinated with. In fact, he hated the thing. Shaking his head, his long ribbon-like ears spraying water all over, he thought of how cold he would be on his way back home. He was drenched. In fact, he looked like a drowned rat. It was pathetic. He let out a tiny sneeze and rubbed his nose with both forepaws, then hobbled a few steps away from the water. And that's when he realized that he was on the wrong side.

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2Fun (Open) Empty Re: Fun (Open) on 06/04/10, 02:26 am

Fun (Open) PandaTest1-2
Aura's a very fluffy happy koalua. Loves Everyone And Is Oblivious To Things Having To Do With Her.

Fun (Open) PandaTest3
Onyx is pretty much anti-social, and will bite or attack you if you bother him too much, but when he wants he will be very affectionate. So basicly be careful with him. XD

Aura was sitting in a sunny spot as she pulled together the flowers she'd picked. The cotton candy colored Koalua hummed as she worked at placing them in a nice arrangement on the forest floor. She felt as if she was being watched and glanced up at the dark Koalua who'd looked away at the same time she looked up.
"Onyx! Come play with me!" she called to him. Onyx turned to glare at her. Did she really think he was up for one her childish games? Of course she did. No matter how many times he had said 'no' in the past she always expects him to say 'yes' when she asks, but never gets discouraged when he doesn't.
"I'm not going to play with you." he hissed darkly at her. He got up from the dark shady spot he was sitting in and started to leave.
"Ah! Wait for me Onyx!" Aura quickly got up and hurried after Onyx. It was easy to tell where he was because of the energy he edmitted. After a while Aura realized he was headed towards the river and jumpped with glee. She loved the river, there was always something interesting there. This time it was really good she could see it from here. It was a Belzee!
"Oh woah! YAY!" She ran past Onyx staight towards Beezle. She heard Onyx call after her but ignored it. She stopped in front of Beezle and before she could say 'Hi! My name's Aura! What's yours?' Onyx had lundged at the Belzee with a growl.

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Fun (Open) Beedoo1Common Beedoo

This is Larka. She is oddly joyful all the the time, though she rarely speaks.

Larka was walking aimlessly, like she usually did when she was irritated. She was walking near the river, hoping someone would be there to distract her. She was just about to turn back when she found the scent of two Koaluas. She was cautious, but her curiosity got the better of her. She heard a low growl so she started to run faster, hoping to stop something. Don't ask what she was hoping to stop, because she didn't know. She burst through the underbrush, only to find a soaked Beezel and the two koaluas she was following. There was a black Koalua and another Cotton Candy Koalua. The black Koalua was growling at the soaked Beezel. "Hey! Stop that!" Larka yelled at the black Koalua.

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