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Alt's Kennel

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1Alt's Kennel Empty Alt's Kennel on 09/04/10, 12:09 am

Uhm... So I guess this'll be my pets' home.
I'm kind of... Slowly working on this... >>

Alt's Kennel PandaTest2

Age: 3
Gender: Male
Personality: Booster is quiet, and not very confident, much unlike his sister. He is curious about his surroundings, but chooses to look rather than touch, as he is very cautious and wary of things that may be harmful. He is caring, and compassionate, but will get aggressive if angered, though that happens very rarely. Being fairly shy, he has always relied on his sister for friendship instead of reaching out to others and gaining more friends.
Friends: Sanders
Kin: Sanders - Older sister

Alt's Kennel PandaTest1

Age: 3
Gender: Female
Personality: This youngster will wake up loud, hyper, and crazy one morning, then the next morning she'll wake up all quiet, and withdrawn, though she's usually her normal self after a while. She has a habit of getting others riled up, and she is prone to recklessness. She is generally very outgoing around those she knows, but will seem more reserved and shy when around a larger group of people, if they are strangers. Sanders often dreams of crazy adventures, and will act without thinking, causing her to get into a lot of trouble. When she does this, Booster usually gets dragged into it as well, as they are seldom seperated.
Friends: Booster
Kin: Booster - Younger brother

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