Kind of a late message: Happy 2011! -from Kitty (and Slappy?)

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Yes, Pets have rules too. -PLEASE READ-

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Yes, it's true. But, y'know what? It isn't that bad. We're not really strict like some other sites. So HA!

A couple of rules to start with about the pets is:
1. If the gender is not stated, then the owner can make it any gender they want.
2. You can have as many of the same type of pet as you want, but you can only have 4 of the same color of each kind of pet. (Yes, it is confusing. So here's an example: If you have 8 Koalua's,you can only have 4 cotton candy ones.)
3. PLEASE do not take teh pictures, and change the colors or take off the signature! It is Kitty's and Slappy's artwork!

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