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INFECTED! (Come and Join Open ^_^ )

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Sam glanced at Zack with the question. Still no one was around, or at least any vehicles.

"To that gas station up the road. See if there is any more fuel to fill up the jerry cans I got in the trunk. Give my baby a drink too. Then try some how to get to the coast and find this... island.
You have heard of the island haven't you?" He asked curiously while walking to his truck.

Opening the back door, he shifted a few duffel bags around. They clattered oddly like plastic and metal. All of them got lowered to the floor mats.

A duffel bag of food was placed atop two cases of bottled water still unopened. The soft duffel, Sam gave it a couple of hits with his fist cramming it up against the far side for a pillow of sorts. He flipped the warm blanket from the passenger seat up front to the back.

Moving the open case of bottled water from the front passenger seat floor, he walked around to the trunk and lifted that up. Moving an empty can of gas, he slid the case in, pulled out four bottles and set the empty can atop of the part case. Moving a few other things around in the trunk, he tossed out a large stack of magazines. Keeping a few not so glossy plastic as fire starters.

Looking over the 4Runner. Sam nodded. "Okay I got room for you now Zack. Need help climbing into the back?" he turned around shutting all but the driver side door and the one behind it.

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Slappy's Post

Zack's chest flipped at the mention of the “island.” He opened his mouth to speak, but Sam already had his back to him and was shifting a few things in his truck. Zack heard the clinking of metal and plastic, his tongue feeling dry when Sam hauled a case of water bottles to the trunk. He raised his eyebrows at the magazine selection he tossed around in the back. Slamming the trunk door shut, Sam rounded the vehicle to Zack, offering him help inside. Too exhausted to decline, Zack heaved himself into the back seat with a lift from the man.

Zack draped the blanket over his shoulders and hugged the corners with his fist, digging his feet through a pile of more stuff crammed under the front passenger seat. Leaning forward a bit, he twisted his body to face Sam. He blew a few loose strands of hair that had fallen over his eyes. “You're going to the island too?” he asked, unable to hide the excitement bubbling in his stomach.

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Handing Zack two of the bottles he grabbed, he slid into the truck. Tossing his two bottles onto the other front seat. Doors shut he buckled up.

"You heading there too?" Turning the engine over and putting it into gear. "I figure if my brother is anywhere, he'd be heading there too. If he isn't infected." Sam sighed the last part.

"How did you find out about it?" he asked driving down the empty highways towards the gas station.

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Slappy's Post

Zack peeked up through his fistful of the blanket to look at the back of Sam's head. The word “infected” made him cringe like before. “I heard about it around a year ago. My sis--” he paused, then tried again. “I overheard talk about it on a radio, and figured it'd be better than here.” Zack's excitement dropped as quickly as it had come. He suddenly felt exhausted. His entire body was burning, and his heart felt like it was pulsing in his brain. Zack leaned his head on the truck window, his cheek pressing against the cool glass. The bumps and jerks of the truck started to smooth out into a gentle rocking, like waves on a boat. It was almost rhythmic. The swaying made Zack's eyelids gain a hundred pounds. Sam's voice came from a tunnel, and the clinking of the duffel bags and bottles in the back lulled Zack into unconsciousness.

A fragile laugh tinkled. Zack felt a finger poke his side. “Aw, c'mon, Zack, you're growing all wrong.” Another round of pokes to the stomach. “Your hair's almost as long as mine, and you're skinny as a girl. I'm surprised Troy and them haven't tried hitting on you yet, 'specially with those big green eyes of yours.”

“Hey,” was all Zack could say before he was tackled and assaulted by squeezes under his armpits. Zack laughed until his eyes started to water. He sputtered out mercy between giggles, and sticking out her tongue, Lily pretended to not notice.

“And you hear that? You got such a pretty boy's voice!” Lily slapped her hands on her hips and sat on Zack's lap. When he sat up, she put her forehead against his. “You need a huskier voice so you can at least sound like a man. Smoke a few like Dad.” She plopped a fingertip on his nose.

“No fair,” Zack whined, puffing out his chest a bit. “Just wait till I turn ten. I'll get super-buff and my voice will drop like crazy. I'll be just like the Hulk.”

“And turn all green and veiny? Eww.” Lily made a face like she was about to throw up. “And imagine the clothes bill. You'd be ripping every shirt you have.”

Zack laughed and told her that once he grew, he wouldn't shrink again.

“You'd still need to buy new shirts.” Suddenly Lily's eyes brightened up like she'd just decided that chocolate ice cream topped vanilla. “You know what? I say you stay how you are. Wait here,” she ordered, hopping to her feet. Zack shot her a questioning look.

“You're not strapping me to that pink chair again so you can put lipstick on me, are you?”

Lily bit the inside of her cheeks and grinned; she always did that when she was about to lie. “Noooooo...” And then she was off, scurrying into the house to grab the bungee cords and her Barbie makeup kit. Zack sighed and debated hiding behind the shed or the RV parked a few driveways down from their own.

Blackness melted and poured over Zack, smothering him in dreams and leaving the present world behind.

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Sam glanced in the review as Zack started to trail off. slowing down he pulled up to the gas station pumps. Looking over his shoulder to the sleeping and bleeding all over his seat Zack. He frowned at that. "when you wake up, remind me to put some decent clothes on you." he muttered before looking around and getting out of his 4runner.
Checking the pumps he smirked. "In luck." Filling his gas tank and the three cans he used. Keeping watch for infected and strange creatures.

A spider-Roche scurried by clicking its feelers. Raising his foot. Sam stomped on the disgusting thing. "Yuck." he scraped the gunk off the bottom of his shoe. Heading into the store warily. He came out with a box of twinkies, two cases of coke and another jerry can that he filled.

"Get what you can. These were shoved under a shelf in the back. The place been ransacked. Bet who ever left it, is coming back." he smirked putting it into his truck and getting in. Taking off down the highway.

Zack didn't seem to have woke up for the ten minute stop.

He passed a sign for a City. Making sure he didn't go near it.

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Slappy's Post

Lily's fingers brushed over the bruise blackening almost the entire left half of Zack's face. Barely touching him, her knuckle traced along a scratch that raked along his cheek, just missing the eye. She bunched up the end of her t-shirt and dabbed at the half-dried blood on Zack's eyebrow. Zack winced and pushed her hand away. “I'm fine.”

“No you're not,” Lily hiccuped, biting her lip to hide her sobs.

Zack's hands gripped Lily's arms and pulled her into a hug. “Please don't cry.” Lily tried lifting her head from his shoulder, but Zack cupped his palm over her and kept her in place. “Dad'll go to sleep soon. Please stop crying.”

Lily sniffled and gave up on pulling away. Her breathing slowed and she leaned heavier into her brother. Moments passed and all Zack could hear was Lily's heart and little gasps as she tried calming her breath. “But Zack,” Lily said in a tiny voice, “You're crying too, aren't you.”

Zack kicked the beer bottle shards that were still shattered on the floor. Dragging his foot along the ceramic tile, it met with the lawn chair that had toppled over and hunched in a half-fold. A fistful of Lily's hair was scattered around it. The alphaghetti was still bubbling in a pot over the stove, left burning at the second heat level. As soon as the next ship was ready, they would leave like everyone else. They just had to wait a little longer, then everything would be okay. The government would help them soon. Just a little longer...

A bump and a sharp jerk snapped Zack into the present. Jolting his face from the window with his eyes half-closed, Zack's lips parted and sucked in a short gasp. Waving his head around groggily, trying to regather his bearings, he spotted Sam bobbing in the front seat and Zack's mind clicked back into place. He tried stretching out the tingling in his toes and legs. He tried his arms next, but something wet kept one of them from moving. His right arm felt cold and hot at the same time. Heavy, too. Looking down Zack realized his bandage was almost entirely soaked in blood. The cloth looked black from the saturation. He tried wiggling his fingers and acid ripped through the tendons of his forearm. The stitches had come undone. “Uh.”

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"Finally awake?" Sam heard the faint "Uh" over the purr of the engine. He glanced in the review to glimpse the dark haired male sitting up groggily becoming awake. He looked ... intresting... with tussled hair and pale completion. Once he recovered from the blood loss, he'd look much better. He turned from the mirror.
'shut up brain!' he mentally scolded himself.

Easing into a square slot at a car wash, they stopped. Sam opened the doors and climbed into the back.

"Morning Zack, how are you feeling?" he asked seeing the blood soaked bandages first, then his back seat second.

"Dude, we need to get you cleaned up. That is not healthy for my truck." He unzipped a duffel on the floor, revealing clothing. "We're at a car wash, its safer to wash up here then in hotels where the infected tend to go to waste away." he informed taking out a fresh top and jeans.

Rounding the back of the SUV, he looked around carefully before opening the door that Zack was against.

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Slappy's post

Still groggy, Zack looked over his shoulder to see the damage his arm had done to Sam's truck. Blotches of red stained along the back of the seat, and a few spots had dripped by the belt buckle. He tried blinking the blurriness out of his eyes. “Mn,” Zack mumbled, “sorry.” He woke up more when Sam mentioned the “infected.” Suddenly the door he was leaning on swung open, and Zack leaned sharply the opposite direction to not fall out of the truck. A crisp breeze whipped around him and Zack shivered. He hugged his blanket more tightly around his bare shoulders. Looking up, Zack saw Sam holding a shirt and jeans in his arms, beckoning him to get up and get changed. The fresh clothing looked inviting, and gripping his bad arm with the blanket still clasped in his fist, Zack wiggled his feet out of the pile of things crammed around them. He swung his legs around and slid out the vehicle, cringing at the impact with the pavement that rattled through his body. Zack flashed a tight smile and lifted his elbow towards Sam to plop the clothes on top of it. “'Kay, I'll get changed. So in the building over there, right?” He jerked his head at the building beside the car wash slots, then winced when a shock flashed through his arm. "Ah," he flushed pink, "I think my stitches may have come undone. Should we fix that first?"

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Kitty's Post

The early fall cold mingled with the early morning weather that was usual around these parts. This time of year and the coming months were the hardest for most. Less food from the wilderness, a lot colder and harder to find shelter. For some reason, there seemed to be a bit more violence - maybe due to the lack of food and shelter? Which was exactly why Alicia was hugging the full loaf of bread inside her jacket, hoping against all hope that no one would see it. She couldn't afford to loose this piece of food.

Alicia glanced this way and that in constant fear of being attacked. This was not the best part of town. She realized suddenly that freaking out was the worst thing she could do right now. It could attract unwanted attention. She had to act as if nothing was up. So she pulled her coat tighter to herself and let out a puff of air, watching it billow up in front of her. She pushed her frozen legs forward.

It honestly wasn't all that cold but Alicia didn't have all that much skin and muscle on her to keep her warm, and so days like this were extremely tough on her. But she did this not for herself but for her little brother. He was four years younger than herself and very sick. Luckily it wasn't the infection, but some common cold that turned bad recently. She hoped he'd be okay and get through this. He was all she had.

She turned a corner, skirted the edge of a small, grassy park and picked up speed. Papers and litter were dumped everywhere around here, marking the border of the most dangerous part of the small town. It freaked her out every time she had to go through it. But it was the quickest way home and she needed to be close to her brother. Taking a few more turns, she finally escaped the area that made her stomach do flips and entered the street she lived on.

She and her brother didn't live in a house. Unfortunately Alicia barely had enough money for food, let alone a house or even an apartment. Besides, they'd been living in this shack like house for a while and found it a comforting place to be. Far away from the infection and their parents. She shook her head and pinpointed the partially blue-painted tin roof of the shack.

As she entered, she spied her brother's small form under a pile of blankets and trotted forward to stand by him. Reaching forward, she gently pulled a layer off to reveal his face. She smiled. He looked peaceful. And then she gently shook his shoulder a few times saying "Look, I have something for you."

But he didn't respond. She shook his shoulder again - nothing. The bread dropped from her coat and she moved forward in panic, placing her head on his chest. Hearing nothing she let out an involuntary whimper, shaking him again. "Damien...please...this isn't funny!" but soon she found that he wasn't joking around. She collapsed onto the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks as sobs echoed around the small shack.

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Sam frowned putting the clothes up on the roof of the truck instead of the offered arm. He looked over the fresh blood covering Zack's bare flesh.
"Yeah, we better." Getting the first aid from the back again.

"Sit down Zack, don't need you passing out on me." he joked looking behind him just in case.

Then went back to Zack. "Let's see if I can stitch this back up better." Using some water to wash away the blood, Sam re-sewed up the arm. Giving Zack his clothes once he was cleaned up.

"You can use the kiosk there to change in, or the other side of the truck. What ever works for you." he smiled.
"I'll keep my eye out for anything either way." he said packing up the kit again.

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Slappy's Post

Zack ran his fingers along his freshly-stitched arm, then smiled politely up at Sam. “Thanks,” he said, shivering and reaching for the blanket again as well as the bundle of clothes. After pulling out a roll of bandaging from Sam's first-aid kit, Zack made his way over to the koisk.

He peered through the door's window into the dead-looking building. It had already been ransacked by others, and aside from the counter and toppled shelves, the inside was pretty much bare. The floor was littered with unused and ripped-up scratchcards, accompanied by the occasional scattering of rat pellets. Zack shuffled to one corner of the room and dumped his clothes at his feet, keeping hold of his bandage. He took the roll and wound it around his stitched arm, tucking the end between his thumb and forefinger. Giving his wrist a slow flex, he decided the tie was firm enough, and began working on unbuttoning his pants.

Finding it tough to maneuver his right arm, Zack fumbled with his zipper for over a minute. Finally ripping the thing open, the pants slipped down his hips. Kicking off his shoes, then the pants, Zack observed the damage that was done to his legs. A black bruise had already swelled on his knee, and a whackload of smaller ones dressed multiple different places, alongside some solid tears in the skin. Without realizing, Zack had placed a hand over the three gashes raked across his chest. They looked puckered and furious with the jagged stitches crossing through them. Zack sighed and closed his eyes. What a mess he'd become.

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Sam gave his beloved truck a once over while Zack was fiddling in the Kiosk. Moving some more stuff around to get Zack more comfortable in the front seat now. Checking under neath for any damage and rust. He began shifting from foot to foot as he checked the SUV's fluids under the hood.

Slamming down the hood, he once again looked around before sliding away from the truck and to wards the back of the car wash where it was a little more privet.

Sam changed a glance in the Kiosk to see Zack's bruised back and shoulders. Wincing at the cuts the young man had, he slid around the corner of the building. Between some bushes and the aluminum siding. To take a much needed pee.

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Kitty's post!

Alicia lifted a heavy arm, placing her palm on the cool metal of the door and sliding it open just wide enough to slip through. She hadn't eaten anything in the past day and a half since her brother's death was still fresh in her mind. She hadn't even touched the bread. Going home hadn't been an option either, so she'd been wandering from place to place for the past day and a bit.

Slipping along the edge of the road and down another, stepping onto the sidewalk, she held her coat close to her as she had before, shivering. There were circles under her eyes and her hair - though not greasy - was tangled and confusing to look at. Her eyes shot from side to side in panic, though she didn't have much of a reason for it.

There, just up ahead was a gas station. She picked up the pace, praying that there might be some kind of food there. A she approached, she noted that there was a truck just outside, parked in the lot that had been unused since...forever. There was probably someone inside looking for food as she was. I should go somewhere else... she thought, making to turn away. But then her stomach grumbled, stopping her from walking in the other direction.

Heading for the front doors, she pulled them open and slipped inside, moving down one aisle of empty shelves and then the next. She turned another corner and came across...oh god. She stared in mixed wonder, confusion and horror at the half naked boy. He was in his underwear and nothing else - and had large cuts and bruises all over him. The worst one was down his exposed arms and it made her sick to look at.

She failed her arms and stumbled backwards, turning and dashing for the door. As she flung herself from the store, her foot caught on something and she tumbled forward, smacking hard into a cart and flinging it forward. She watched in further horror, her arm out stretched and her mouth forming a silent 'no', as the cart slid neatly into a sharp piece of metal, which in turn fell and sliced off the only rope holding up the bill board.

Which, after an earsplitting snap! noise echoed around her, fell forward and landed squarely on top of the truck. Alicia shoved herself to her feet, dashing forward to examine the now pancake-like truck. Her fingers slid over the chipped and squished surface and she determined that, well, she was in a lot of trouble.

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Sam rounded the corner of the car wash hearing the loud snap and creaky groaning. He looked up just in time as his SUV got smashed by the large billboard. He stared in shock before screaming a loud string of profanities.

"MY TRUCK! MY FUCKING TRUCK!" He wanted to cry, to just cry.
His life was in that vehicle. What little life he had left. The weapons.

The initial shock of the destroyed vehicle wore off just a little bit as he staggered to the still sparking bill board and his truck with the tires out like a squished frog on the highway.

He stopped at a broken water bottle that had rolled from the back seat. His silver eyes narrowed looking around at who the fuck did it. Expecting some infected freak or someone looking to be fucking dead.

He spotted Zack and then a female. "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL did you do to my ride!?" He snarled at the only one who could have possibly don't such a thing to his beloved ride.

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Slappy's Post

Zack whipped his head around when he heard a quick whimper from behind him. Across the room, a girl gawked at his practically naked body. Zack's face burned up and he flailed his arms at the exact same time as the girl did. He tripped backwards over nothing and landed flat on his back as the girl stumbled and disappeared outside. There was a thunk and a snap. An eerie creaking followed, then a brief silence. His heart beat about twenty times its normal pace, and then there was an earsplitting crash. Catching his breath, Zack crawled back to his feet and slipped on his new clothes, then leaned outside to see what was going on.

The girl knelt over a hunk of rubber and metal. Zack's eyes bulged when he realized it was Sam's truck. It had been completely totaled by a billboard that used to be standing next to the koisk. Zack shrunk back when he heard Sam ripping loose on some words he'd never even heard of before. He was waving a broken water bottle around, pointing it towards the girl and spewing out questions about who the fuck she was. Zack could see tears actually wobbling at his eyes, threatening to fall. He was seriously considering hiding from Sam's rage, when he looked at the girl's face. She looked even more terrified than himself, and she looked half the size she probably was, looking up at the man rampaging above her. She had ratty hair and faded eyes, as if she'd lost all her spirit. Even if she'd caused the 4runner pancake, it wasn't fair for Sam to be exploding on her like this. The girl looked like she could break any second.

Kicking his feet through his oversized jeans, Zack ran over to stand between Sam and the girl. Setting his mouth in a tight line, he stepped towards Sam and rocked onto the tips of his feet to make their heights more or less the same. “Sam,” Zack said, his voice starting strong, “It's not fair to...” Zack gulped. Sam's glare seemed to sear through his skin. “Not fair... to...” His voice shrunk, and Zack bounced back to the flats of his feet. “Not...” He looked from the girl to Sam to the truck and then the ground. Zack couldn't speak anymore. He just stared stupidly at one of the magazines that had flung out of the flattened vehicle.

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"It isn't fair?! It isn't fucking fair!? You know what Zack? You know what this means? It means we walk! We have NO weapons of any kind! No Food! No Water! No supplies and no extra clothes! It means we are stuck! We can't get to the island, we can't get to the coast we can't be safe! We'll turn into fucking infected freaks and die like zombies without the need for brains! THAT is what it means! You want to talk about fair?" Sam snarled his fists balled. "You can fucking tell her what fair is!" He spun around glaring at his truck, kicking one of the tires and swearing a blue streak yet again.

Stalking off down the street clearly upset in more than just rage of anger.

Turning the corner, Sam walked he had no idea where he was going, what he was doing. He was completely lost and stressed without his last thread of connection to what had been. To what there was before the infection. He finally just stopped and sat down in the middle of the side walk. Looking blankly at nothing, remembering... everything. A single tear trailed down his pale cheek.

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Kitty's Post


Alicia's entire body began shaking madly as her eyes met the angry silver ones of the - obvious - owner of the truck. Which was now totally destroyed. Her hand dropped from the accordion-like surface as she slunk to her knees. The guy bent over her, black trench coat making him look even more terrifying than he already was. His grayish hair hung around his face and his brows were lowered as far down as they could possibly go in extreme anger. Alicia hugged her coat to her and tried to swallow, but couldn't manage it.

Just as he began screaming at her again, a boy - the same boy as the one in the kiosk - came tearing towards them. Alicia averted her eyes for a moment in panic, her mind jumping back to the scene inside the building, before she realized that he had clothes on this time. He started saying something about it not being her fault, but his voice trailed off and his eyes - which had been locked on the other guy's - were now examining the ground, his shoulders slumped.

Alicia did the same, one tear, and then another rolling down her cheeks. She heard the man kick something, then walk away, fuming mad. She stared blankly at the ground, tears drying up quickly. She hadn't been able to cry since her parents....well, for a long time. So instead, her mind fell blank and she pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them, dropping her head into them and letting her hair fall around her, creating a little ball.

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Slappy's Post

Zack lowered his head even more and squinted his eyes shut when Sam started screaming at his face. He heard him kick part of the mess, then string out another round of profanities. Zack looked up to find Sam stalking down the street and around a corner. He took a step forward to follow, but hesitated halfway through his second. What could he do?

Sighing, Zack turned to face the girl. His face softened when he noticed a few wet streaks on her cheek. The girl huddled on the ground, her head tucked between her arms and knees. Zack crouched in front of her, a hand hovering above the girl's shoulder. He blushed when he remembered how she'd first seen him. “Ah,” he began, not at all sure of what to say. “It's... you're. Ah... He's just... but, then, I...” Zack's shoulders slackened. “Please don't cry.”

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Kitty's Post

Alicia's mind barely registered the other voice, but as soon as it came closer, she lifted her head. Her eyes met the boy's and she decided right then and there that he was a good person. He tried to stand up to the other guy and was therefore a lot braver than she was. But she still didn't know how to respond. She opened her mouth, then closed it, then did it again. Nothing came out.She hadn't spoken since what happened to her brother - her mind was in too much of a jumble to put words together and vocalize it.

"Please don't cry" the boy said eventually. She remembered the tears that had managed to escaped and quickly whipped her dirty face with an equally dirty sleeve, then glanced at the boy again, shrugging. She tried to give him an 'I'm sorry' look, then glanced away awkwardly.

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Slappy's Post

Zack dropped his hand to his side, still crouching in front of the girl. “Sam... he's really a good guy, it's just... yeah.” He scratched his head, an oversized sleeve slipping down to his elbow. “I mean, he fixed me up, and offered me clothes and a ride. I've only known him for like a day, but so far he hasn't done anything bad, so I don't think he'll do anything to you...”

He'd gone from being barely able to form proper speech to rambling like an idiot. Zack rocked back on his heels and plunked on his butt. He sighed again. “It's just that all his stuff was... well, I guess you don't need me telling you the same thing he did. Here,” he said, rising to his feet and turning towards the truck, “Why don't we do this?” Zack kicked a hunk of what looked like the vehicle's door, revealing a water bottle still in-tact and a duffel bag. He reached down and tugged both things out, then turned to face the girl again. “See,” he grinned, “we can fix part of the problem.”

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Kitty's Post

Alicia lifted her chin slightly, looking at the boy as he stood up. Vaguely, her blank mind wondered how old he was. Could he be younger than her? Not by much if he was. She watched as he bent down, mumbling something that didn't quite register in her mind and pulled out the truck door - which had come completely off it's hinges. She winced. This car was totally destroyed and it was all her fault. But when he gestured inside, she realized that he'd found some salvageable stuff like a water bottle and duffel bags. Pushing herself to her feet, she wobbled, the world spinning for a few moments - thanks to her lack of food for the past few days, and pretty much most of her life - and then evened out quickly enough. Her eyes fell on the boy's torn arm once again.

She wanted to know what had happened, but her mind would form the sentence; her mouth wouldn't form the words. So instead she moved forward and bent down, grabbing the water bottle and the duffel bag. Handing it to the boy she trotted along the sidewalk until she reached the cart she'd tripped on, then wheeled it back, gesturing to it to put the stuff inside. Finally, she dropped to her knees and started to wedge herself inside the crushed truck in hopes of finding something else. She was definitely small enough.

Half way in, there was a loud creak and groan as metal and wood shifted above her head but she ignored it. It's not like this was the first dangerous thing she's done. Besides, she didn't think that the boy could fit in here, and since she'd crushed the car... She wondered why she couldn't really put things into words even though she was able to think this kind of stuff. As soon as the thought crossed her mind, for some reason it hurt and she dropped the subject. Glancing about, she noticed another few perfectly fine water bottles saved by the bottom of the seat and snatched them up quickly, then grabbed for a blanket and a few more duffel bags that were in...okay...shape. There was another loud creak and groan. She had to get out of there soon or else she'd be crushed.

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Slappys' Post

Zack grinned in encouragement when the girl handed him a few more salvaged items, then brought around a cart for the two of them to put the stuff in. Zack placed the items inside and turned to find the girl wiggling through an opening in the crushed vehicle. He flinched when her hip bumped a piece of jutting metal, causing part of the truck to shift. He hurried over and pushed a shoulder under the moving area.

“Careful,” he called out, “this thing's pretty unstable.” Zack stretched his foot out and unhooked a shirt from underneath a shard of window, then yanked it towards him to grab in his good hand. Reaching again, he rolled another water bottle up his shin and snatched that too. Seeing the girl hug a few more things in her arms, Zack tossed his haul in the cart (the shirt missed), then offered to take her load. “We can do a chain sort of thing. You grab, pass to me, then I toss in there.”

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Sam sat in the middle of the sidewalk knees pulled up to his chest. Head resting on them. He didn't think of anything or if anything could ever go wrong, or get any worse than it already had. He lost the one thing he valued the most. The last thread... a vehicle. A means of transportation.

Lifting his tear streaked face he sniffled wiping his eyes with the sleeves of his shirt.
"What am I doing?" he grumbled to himself suddenly angry. "It's a stupid car! There's millions of them out there. We can find more supplies." he stood dusting himself off.

Scrubbing his cheeks with the heals of his hands. He felt like an idiot. shaking his head, his white blond locks catching the sun. He sat looking over his shoulder and the way he came. He knew he scared that girl, maybe Zack too. He had to go and suck it up and appologise.

(( Now, anyone else wanna join? Pop up your bios here and plunk in XD You don't need to know too much. Boy and Girl at a carwash with a billboard over top a car and a lone boy a few blocks away miserable XD ))

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