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*~*In Ruins *~* Best Most Captivating PalletShipping Fanfic Ever *~*

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I was really bored during the March Break and I decided a pokemon fanfic would help as I was eagerly awaiting to get Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and we all know that most pokemon fanfic's aren't any good at all, right? But after taking a look at a Human/Pokemon/Vampire and Human/Pokemon/Werewolf type fanfic is when I came across this amazingly beautiful gem of a pokemon fanfic by Lanie Kay-Aleese about Ash after he becomes the pokemon champion and Gary's and scientist (we used the word scientist a lot today. XD But yeah.

It's rate T because the themes are too complicated for children. I have trouble with it sometimes as well. They also use the Japanese names but it's pretty easy to figure out the main characters even if you've only seen some episodes with them in it.

It's completely friendship/shounen-ai at the moment and I'm predicting some form of yaoi somewhere but with the way this person writes I don't see it being discribbed a lot just more focusing on the feeling and atmosphere and the characters conflicting feelings (if that makes sense) and I don't expect it anytime soon even though it's the 16th chapter and they are getting a little bit closer, there's still the plot to get through... Lets just say I don't think you'll be reading anything with it... unless the persons fans beg them to death. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, please just go check it out. The plot has something to do with Unknown and the incident with Molly and Entei as well as the Ruins of Alph. There's also some time travalling! ;3
The begining is a little... eh... but it gets better with every chapter. There are sad moments and there are funny moments, there are warm fuzzy moments and there are cold terror moments. I think this is the only story for pokemon that goes indepth.

I love it so much I'm hooked and I hope you guys come to love it too! ^^

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