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(Open To All) *~* By The Kingdom Hearts Lover *~* Organization High *~* For Those Without Hearts *~*

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(Open To All) *~* By The Kingdom Hearts Lover *~* Organization High *~* For Those Without Hearts *~* Marluxia_and_Larxene___School_by_p1

Organization High.
Otherwise known as Orgy High, a school made by a man by the name of Xemnas and his right hand man Saix.

Orgy High, like any normal high school, though is part training facility, is filled with kids that separate themselves into different groups.
The Popular kids consisting of the leader Larxene, Xaldin the coolest guy in school, Marluxia the most beautiful guy in school as well as the head of the Drama Culb and Lexaeus the quiet jock.
The Addicts And Weirdo's: Axel the pyro, Luxord the drunk gambler and Xigbar, though it is unknown if Xigbar really is a pedofile and drug dealer.
The Emo/Loner: Zexion
The Nerd: Vexen
The Rock/Strange/Loser: Demxy who's somehow an amazing guitarist.
And the regular "invisble" kids who just want to get by are Roxas, Xion, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Olette, Hayner and Pence.

This school houses very few kids but is the best in World That Never Was. It's in Twilight Town and is apart of Castel That Never Was. Though the school seems just like anyother there's an air of mystery in the halls that tells of something yet to come- something bad that may change the world. Can the students put aside their differences and band together to defeat what's to come?
... Only Time Will Tell...

-PM me if you have questions
-OC's are find but if you play one you still have to play at least one original character.
-Try to be literate. Go for Grammer and Spelling. No one liners.
-I understand writers block.
-No god-modding
-When the rp starts OOC comments are to be added at the start or at the end of your posts, no OOC only posts. For OOC use 'ooc:' or ( and) or { and } or [ and ]
-You can have as many characters as you can handle.
-MxM, MxF, FxF relationships are fine.

Twilight Town Versions Of the Organization Members Here:

[insert picture here]
Short Bio:

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Xemnas: Me

Marluxia: Me

Axel: ZoZoBlAcKiEcHaN

Vexen: Me
Zexion: Slappy

Roxas: Slappy
Riku: Me
Olette: AlternateSunset

Later Used:
Ansem: Me



Name: Marluxia
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Crush: Zexion
Short Bio: An only child, head of the drama club and one of the popular kids. Marluxia is confident in his beauty and how artistic he is. He will be offended if asked if he had a gender change and tell you that you're just jealous of his natural beauty. He's a bit over dramatic and stuck up on the outside but he worries a lot about his place in the school and if he's liked by others.
Marluxia is usually found following Larxene around or doing someones hair, in the art room or the drama room practising his latest materpiece.
Other: His family owns a flower store in Twilight town. His birthday is a year earlier than everyone elses so he's older than everyone else.
Name: Vexen
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Crush: Unknown
Short Bio: Vexen, the only child of two scientists. His mother died a while back while doing an experament that spontaniously combusted.
Vexen usually keeps to himself in the confinds of the science room working on experaments and claims to be on the tail of a breakthrough.
Though often made fun of because half of his inventions don't work he's often come to if someone needs something.
Other: Even though he's a scientist he can't cook for his life.
Name: Riku
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Crush: Sora but if someone asks he says it's Kairi but also says he also has an eye out for Olette.
Short Bio: Riku often says that he comes from a long line of warriors. Whether this is true or not is unknown but he can handle a weapon pretty well. Riku is often found hanging out with Sora and/or Kairi or in the gym.
Riku, to some, seems full of himself and annoying but it's not that he's trying to it's just who he is.
Other: Hates Roxas.

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This is open, right?

If we join as an existing character, do we have to use the template?
I'm guessing no, but I thought I'd ask first.

Oh, and if I'm able to join, can I be Olette? bounce

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{Yes this is open. I should fix it to say that... =3=;

I'd prefer that you did use the template for original characters as well.

And yes you may be Olette. Though you didn't have to ask nor did you need to ask to join.}

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Awighty then...

Name: Olette
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crush: Unknown, at the moment.
Short Bio: A kind, caring, and responsible young lady. She's the only one of her group who actually has the sense to get homework done, and she gets the boys to do it as well. Olette is smart, organized, and does well in academic subjects at school. She doesn't usually procrastinate, and she is very level-headed, though she is stubborn. She really wants to get more friends who are girls, instead of just hanging around the three boys all day.
Other: Hangs out with Hayner, Pence, and Roxas.

~Is that okay enough, Kuro?~

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{Perfect! ^^}

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Can I be Naminé even though she isn't listed?

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LOL RoxasXAxel lovechild. Just pay attention to the outfit, not the head xD Picture normal Roxas in this outfit >3<
Name: Roxas
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Crush: Nobody atm (ahahh ahahh... pardon the horrible double-entendre there xD)
Short Bio: Although close to his brother, Sora, Roxas is constantly seen with Axel. He's somehow oblivious to Axel's sometimes-not-so-subtle hints of loving him, and simply views him as his closest friend. Roxas is an average student who gets his c's and d's now and again. He's warm towards strangers, and can be a little naive when it comes to judging others. Roxas is also very gullible and loyal. His hobbies consist of eating ice cream, skateboarding, and doing stupid things with his friends.
Other: Hangs out with Hayner, Pence, Olette, Sora, Axel and Xion.
Name: Zexion
Age: 16 (he skipped a grade, though)
Gender: Male
Crush: Kairi
Short Bio: Zexion tends to hide behind his glasses most of the time, face-first in a heavy novel. He's your typical introvert who finds enjoyment in being alone; completely independent, and very studious. Zexion is terrified of interacting with other people, especially girls, as he has no clue how to deal with them. He's intimidated by the popular kids, and hates Sora and Riku for having a chance with Kairi. He can sometimes get lost in his thoughts and fictional worlds his mind fabricates. Zexion's constantly daydreaming in gym class.
Other: Zexion keeps a diary, which, if in the wrong hands could be disastrous...

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Name: Axel
Age: 18 (by the looks of it -__-)
Gender: Male (we think)
Crush: Roxas (Dur)
Short bio: *cue music* He's a fire starter, a twisted fire starter!
Other: ....Is related to Sonic the Hedgehog...

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{Sorry no Namine. But you can be Kairi who is kinda like Namine.

Yes to Slappy.

And Alright ZoZo.}

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Name: Xigbar
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Crush: Everyone (Except maybe Xemnas.... *shivers*)
Short Bio: He likes to shoot things, sell drugs... y'know, the norm.
Other: >Very Happy

Sometime's I wonder if the world's insane or if that's just me.


Cutting to make the pain stop...
It's sort of like bombing for peace.
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