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The Shambles

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1The Shambles Empty The Shambles on 27/04/10, 08:56 am

The Shambles 1139711pvg1tdcuiy
A seriously dilapaded cottage stands just outside a wood. Many of the tiles are missing off the roof and ivy rambles up the side, digging ts tendrils into the brickwork. A huge pink blossom tree willows down the front of the property obsuring the worst of the damage. Inside is not much better. White painted floorborads cover the floor, the paint is peeling and the floor boards often jut up at uneven angles. Several matted sheep skin rugs cover the most uneven boards. In the bedrooms, large basic wooden furniture stands out from the usual dilapadation and the floorboard have been sanded to their original pale wood selves.

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2The Shambles Empty Mitchi on 27/04/10, 08:59 am

The Shambles PandaTest2Albino Koalua
Gender: Female.
Name: Mitchi
Personality: Shy, mischevious, sneeky.

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3The Shambles Empty Mook on 27/04/10, 09:00 am

The Shambles PandaTest3Energy Koalua
Gender: Male
Name: Mook.
Personality:Loud, cheeky, sly, curious, happy.

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4The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 27/04/10, 09:02 am

The Shambles Hallow_belzeeHollow Belzee
Gender: Male.
Name: Harley.
Personality: Laid-back, calm, optimistic, a great beliver in Karma, a bit of a flirt, if only with a certain faded belzee.

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5The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 27/04/10, 09:05 am

The Shambles Faded_belzeeFaded Belzee.

Name; Willow.
Personality; serene, most of the time. Very kind, caring, a worrier, hates arguments and confrontation, can seem a bit cold or anti-social, but it's just because she's shy.

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6The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 27/04/10, 09:08 am

The Shambles Belzee_normalz_edited-3-1Normal Belzee
Gender: Male.
Name: Chuckzie.
Personality: A bit random, scatterbrianed, eccenteric. He's Hareley's best friend they get into all sorts of scrapes together.

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7The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 27/04/10, 09:09 am

The Shambles Beedoo1Common Beedoo
Gender: Male.
Name: Dill.
Personality: Sleepy, Pessimistic sad.
Other: Can't talk.

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8The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 27/04/10, 09:11 am

The Shambles Beedoo3Hallow Beedoo
Gender: Female
Name: Snix
Personality: Thoughtful, silent, Intelligent, Scheming.

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9The Shambles Empty Re: The Shambles on 29/04/10, 10:22 am

The Shambles PandaTest1-2Cotton Candy KoaluaName: Lil .
Gender: Female.
Personality: Unfortunaly this Candy Koalua seems to have gotten the wrong personality, or this Koalua seems to have been given the wrong colour pelt. Lil is a hard-core pessimistic goth, with a huge rebellious streak, mess with her and you will know about it. Her little room in the cottage is lined with voodoo dolls and books such as, "Magic Made Easy", "The Idiots Guide to Witchcraft" and "Voodoo At Home"
I would watch my step near her if I were you...

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