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Will anyone rate my angsy Poems?

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1 Will anyone rate my angsy Poems? on 08/05/10, 09:03 am

Seriously I need some constructive critasicm or maybe even a compliment.

Frist one. (Name less.)

Things never change.
Do things ever change?
In this sorry messed up game
Where the most pathetic win
A game where everybody speaks
And nobody listens
They speak with a forked tongue
In this sorry, messed up game.
Where the best liar wins
It's a sorry messed up game.
But things may change

Its buiness of lieing
Speaking and deciving
saying things you don't mean
so you can leave them bleeding
It's a sorry messed up game
Will things ever change?

There has to be someone out there
someone like me.
Who relizes his is just a sorry messed up game
Where things never change
It's a sorry messed up game
Where things must change.

Everthings the same
in this sorry messed up game.
They call it life.
But what kind of a life is this?
Nobody want to live
this messed up, sorry game
But things have to change
Something has to break
In this sorry messed up game.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Second one also nameless

She got lost in your eyes.
taken by suprise.
you left her bleeding.
like every other girl.
you left her crying.
once they get lost in your eyes theres no going back.
your a butterfly, with a venomous sting.
a venus flytrap awaiting prey.
you use your eyes to lure them away.
A waiting game to see when they'll crack.
You say you love them.
Then push the away.
you say you love them.
then leave them bleeding.

I came along.
I beat you at your game.
I was playing angler fish.
pretending to be prey,
you got lost in my eyes.
You loved me
But suprise suprise.
It was I pushed you away.
now you lay bleeding
saltwater blood.

A broken heart,
saltwater seeping throgh the cracks.
I just hope you wont leave her bleeding next time.
Just don't leave me bleeding
And I'll do the same.

Right they were my favourite three on to some of my more loserific ones.

Its 3 am feeeling like the worls at its end
I cry untill theres no tears left.
you had to shatter me
I lay like broken glass.
just like all my dreams
about you and me.

Why did you do this?
is it my fault?
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I too nice?
Do I not leave you broken like she does?
Am I too kind for you?
I didn't relize to love you. I had to break you.

Actully the one above isn't so bad.

Next one.

lay bleeding,
I keep hoping
Holding on to the things that might have been
You left me bleeding
I have to let go.
I have to let go of theese memories,
the nightmares that keep me awake,
when you left me bleeding you did not relize how much was at stake.
My tears stained the sheets
You left my heart bleeding
saltwater blood.
The memories haughnt me
The nightmares scream.
I have to let go when I keep holding on.
I kept hoping you would return
But you left me bleeding,
for far to long
I'm letting go of theese memories
I'm holding on to the hope of a brighter day
Just keep hoping
Holding on.
Hoping for someone
That won't leave me bleeding
Even more looserific one coming up.

I miss the late night talks
the later walks
The anticipation of that first kiss
I miss
I miss
I miss
I miss
I miss, your accent, your voice, your hair, your eyes.
how I feel when were entertwined.
I miss every thing about you. </3
And now I know

I need
The late night talks
The later walks
The way you used to kiss me
I Wish you were here.
I need you accent, your hair your eyes
how I feel when we're entertwined.
I need everyhing about you.


Broken dreams lay shattered
Just like glass.
A broken heart lies
Twisted mind will have their fun.
If Roses are a symbol of love why do they always die?
It it becuase love always fades?
Do heart always break?
Do dreams always Shatter?
Does Love always lie bleeding?
Is it me?
Is this my fault?
Why do you keep leaving?
Then saying you love me?
Why am the last person to find out your secrets?
I thought you said you loved me.I thought you meant it when you said it.
Am I just a game to you?
Is this fair to me?
Will love always lie bleeding for me?
I wished for a happy ending.
I got you.
I wished for some one who loved me.
I got you.
I wished for my fairytale prince.
I got you.
I wished for someone who wouldn't leave me bleeding.
I wished,
I still got you.
I lay crying
Feeling like I was dying
Is it really too much to ask of you that you keep my heart in one peice?
I guess it was.
My heart lies bleeding,
Saltwater blood.
My heart shatters.
The cracks grow deep.
this is a familair place.
Do you have to leave me broken?
Cards on the table now:
"whats changed?" you ask me.
Well let me tell you.
I'm a patient gal,
but this is too much.
You can't do this to me.
I've had enough.
I saw you with her,
That look in your eyes
The thought of a new challange,
That look I despise,
This is the end,
I'll say it again
This is the end.
I'm on my way out.
This is the end.

Please comment cat alien pig.

(Is it so hard to belive I'm thirteen and have never had a boyfriend? Tehe.)

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2 Re: Will anyone rate my angsy Poems? on 08/05/10, 09:04 am


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3 Re: Will anyone rate my angsy Poems? on 24/05/10, 12:24 am

I really liked the first one, because it's so true! =0
The second one had to be my faveorite though.
Really well done!

Sometime's I wonder if the world's insane or if that's just me.


Cutting to make the pain stop...
It's sort of like bombing for peace.
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4 Re: Will anyone rate my angsy Poems? on 19/06/10, 01:49 pm

Thanks ^.^

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5 Re: Will anyone rate my angsy Poems? on 20/06/10, 02:40 pm

Your very welcome!

Sometime's I wonder if the world's insane or if that's just me.


Cutting to make the pain stop...
It's sort of like bombing for peace.
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