Kind of a late message: Happy 2011! -from Kitty (and Slappy?)

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Maximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

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Since you guys complained about how bad the RP on the other site was, I'm making one here.
Please, let's be literate! I know we can all spell...
ANYHOO, You should probably play the character that you ARE and I suppose we could do OC's too if you want...
This wasn't planned out to well...


Sometime's I wonder if the world's insane or if that's just me.


Cutting to make the pain stop...
It's sort of like bombing for peace.
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YO! =D Thanks for makin' this ZoZo~

I'll be taking over Max and Sen again~

You know Max. Do I really have to explain?

Name: Sen
DNA: Black house cat DNA
Looks: Short, very light(in weight), thin boned, not much muscle, small round face, long black hair cut just below the shoulders, bangs hanging in the face, large round cat-like eyes, right one bright blue, left one bright green, thin black tail, large black cat ears (don't have human ears, but the cat ears sit close to where they'd be), very pale skin. Always wears a white t-shirt covered by a black zip-up hoodie with intricate flower designs barely seeable and the sleeves almost cover the hands, jeans and black sneakers with different coloured laces (one green, the other red)
Personality: She's very, very quiet when it comes to new people, and doesn't talk much around people she knows, but she isn't afraid to speak her mind and tell people what's what. She's also pretty stubborn and likes to stick with what she originally thought was right. She also hates interactions with people and tries to stay as far away as she can manage, but her DNA is mixed with a house cat's DNA and it's really hard for her to live out on the streets. She's tough, but can be a softie if it comes down to a serious fight. She hasn't had the best experience with people - to say the least - so it's tough for her to be around fighting. Unfortunately, she's had to deal with that a lot too. She's very smart and can think through problems quickly, which is how she's survived out on the streets for so long. If you get to know her well enough, she can finally warm up to you and be a pretty nice person to be around.
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (looks more like 13 or 14 yrs)
Ref Pic (This is basically what she looks like, minus the skirt xD And a little less scared. ;P All rights go to the owner of the pic, not me!)

Click please? o-o

Maximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) SMaximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) SMaximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) SMaximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) SMaximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) SMaximum Ride RP (Private: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) S
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