Kind of a late message: Happy 2011! -from Kitty (and Slappy?)

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Rules! Read 'Em Please!~

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1 Rules! Read 'Em Please!~ on 17/09/10, 02:54 pm


Alright. You should know the basics. No spam, abuseor anything. You'll hear from either Slappy or I if we hear of anything bad going on. >=3

On with the other, less known rules.

1. Please do not post multiple topics for multiple pets. If you want or are selling/trading/giving away more then one pet, put it in the same thread, otherwise it'll be thought of as spam.

2. When selling pets, please be kind to one another. If someonesuggest something or says something that you don't like, don't attack them for it. If it was rude, please PM an admin (Slappy or myself).

3. You Can NOT sell/trade pets that you can pick up from the pet section for free. That'd just be unfair. Only retired or custom pets can be sold/traded/given away.

Any questions you have can be sent via PM to me.

Have fun!

Click please? o-o

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