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Ram Hunting (Private - Kuro and I)

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1Ram Hunting (Private - Kuro and I) Empty Ram Hunting (Private - Kuro and I) on 17/12/10, 12:15 am


This is an AU RP with Kuro's and my OCs from Viral World. Private, and shonen-ai content Wink

First, the formalities.

Name: Fe Aries
Age: 17 (time/universe lapse! =D)
Gender: Female
Hair: White-blonde hair in wide ringlets, just below shoulder length
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'4
Build: She has a slender build. Willowy, almost bony limbs, long legs and a short torso. Fragile and clumsy-looking.
Strengths: Has high endurance and tolerance for pain, is pro with computers, video games, and is an honor roll student at school.
Weaknesses: Incredibly ditzy in real-life situations, no sense of direction, very gullible and has two left feet-- figuratively, of course.
Personality: Fe always has a smile on her face, and is gentle at nature. She has zero sense of direction and trusts people way too easily. She's definitely a follower, and would choose flight over fight. Fe tends to get distracted often, and is almost impossible to anger.
Clothing: Fe tends to wear oversized sweaters (usually wool) that drape well over her hands and past her knees. (they're so freaking comfy ._.) She likes to wear shorts and fluffy moccasins, all year round. Fe also adores knee-length socks with bright colours, that she somehow manages to always get massive holes in.
Extra info: Fe's father married Seth's mother when she was around eight years old. Both parents are constantly out on business trips, leaving the home to the two "siblings" the majority of the time.
Picture: Pshaw, you guys know Fe by now.

Name: Seth Aries
Age: 15 (time/universe lapse! o3o)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, creamy brown hair in about 2-inch layers; his bangs are just barely above his eyes.
Eye colour: Deep blue
Height: 5'0
Build: He has a lean build. Slender, almost feminine limbs, long legs and a short torso.
Strengths: Seth has high endurance and strength for his size, and he's developed a maturity beyond his years. He's an amazing cook as well.
Weaknesses: Bad hand-eye coordination, overconfident, hot-headed.
Personality: Seth is very blunt and outspoken. He's talented at sports, so long as it doesn't rely heavily on hand-eye coordination. He has a complex about his height, and is determined to prove to the world that he's just as much of a man as any other guy. Seth is quick to piss off, and is usually the one to start fights. He acts almost like a second mother figure for Fe, constantly watching out for her when no one else seems to be there to do so, despite being younger. Seth has been known to skip classes on occasion, and sucks at video games.
Clothing description: Seth likes to wear hoodies with loose jeans or sweat pants. He wears a lemon-yellow wristband on his right arm, which he never takes off. He's usually found wearing converse.
Extra info: Seth's mother married Fe's father when he was around six years old. Both parents are constantly out on business trips, leaving the home to the two "siblings" the majority of the time.
Picture: D'aww, you know Sethy ;P

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Xien Panthera
Hair color & Length:
He bleached/dyed his originally blond hair a grayish white when he was fourteen and wears it short with long bangs.
Eye colors: Dark blue-gray that looks to become brighter blue in certain lighting.
Slim and somewhat muscular, broad shoulders.
He’s calm in most situations, can pick up on people’s emotions well and is fast on his feet.
Gets distracted easily, over confidant and very laid back.
Clothing description:
Usually wears black clothing, long sleeves that widely exposes his neck and most of his shoulders, boot-cut jeans and a pair of New Rock Boots. He wears a necklace with twin knives dangling from it.
Very flamboyant and full of himself. He likes to tease others especially those that are younger than him. He’s very friendly and playful and- pretty much a big tease. He gets along well with people (though he does piss a lot of people off- on purpose). If he has his eyes set on someone he’ll mainly focus on them (even if it doesn’t seem like it) until he either gets bored or they come to submit to him. He thinks of life as a game and is overly laid back to a fault, for that he doesn’t get very far in work (which he doesn’t have), and school (which he skips most of the time).
Extra Info:
His mother died when he was seven so he only had his father who was just there. Someone who sits in the corner of Xiens memories, a shadow of his father sitting in the dark living room watching and yet not watching TV alone and working from home. From that Xien learned to fend for himself though he doesn't like to use those skills.
Picture: How dare you forget what the mighty Lord of Smexyness looks like! D< (lol.)

(New Rock Boots are so awesome! ~<3)

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"Another round! More!" an obviously drunken voice called out, followed by a fist hitting the counter as a lady working at the bar walked over. The voice belonged to a young man with smoky blue eyes and white hair. The woman, who'd been serving him the whole time, was confused how someone as young looking as him had white hair unless he died it, but the man hadn't told her a thing so she guessed it was died. "More!" he held out his glass to her.
The lady behind the counter raised a thin eyebrow at him. "More? Wouldn't that be your third..? That last one was pretty strong too..." she murmured a little worried, she jumped she saw him gazing deeply at her. In his drunken state she noticed his eyes swam with his emotions, maybe it came the experience of working here that she noticed.
"Uh, sir.. How old did you say you were again?" she inquired and flinched again when the guy sighed rather loudly and dramatically.
"I told ya.. I'm twenty! Plus I'mma friend of manager! Now get meh another one of..." he paused to frown at his empty glass. The lady guessed he didn't even know what he was drinking anymore. "Whatever this was!" he declared and she rolled her eyes.
"Well, your friend the manager told me to make you leave so you don't get yourself sick. Said it was on the house and that you really should be in here in the first place." she told him and sighed when he tried giving her the glass again. Taking it from him she asked, "Do you have a ride?"
He pouted for a moment, a little upset that he wasn't aloud anymore, then he started chuckling, "Nope!" he chirped happily. "But I'll be fine… walking. I've done it." he gave her a smile and stood to walk out the door, or rather stumble out the door, "See ya!" he waved at her and before she could say anything in return he left.
He practically tripped over himself once he made it outside then regained his balance, stumbling pretty much every fifth step. He didn't realize that the way he was heading wasn't the right way. He turned down streets he didn't know and almost got hit by a car which he yelled incoherent blather at. He wasn't completely sure where he was until he noticed the high school he was standing in front of. It was familiar but he couldn't remember all he wanted to do at this moment was to sleep so he slumped down by the gate with a sigh. Surely he'd be fine here for awhile. School should have been over by now anyway so no one would bother him.

The World Is A Distraught...
I'm Losing My Control...
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"One week suspension."

Seth rolled his eyes, his thumb rubbing the bruise on his cheek that would be black by morning. He slipped his gaze to the two guys hunched over in chairs next to him, nursing their wounds. Seth grinned smugly at how many there were, compared to his measly bruise and ripped pantleg. Who's the pussy now, eh? He laced his fingers behind his head, leaning back, and winced slightly when his raw knuckles brushed against the office wall. That was one more injury to take inventory of, though it was more self-inflicted than anything else. Every punch was worth it, Seth reasoned.

The room was silent after the principal had announced the three kids' punishments. Was he expecting someone to say something about it? "Geez," Seth sighed, shifting in his seat to look at the principal, "My cheeks are going numb, and my sister's waiting for me outside. Can I go now?"

Exhausted, the principal huffed and waved a dismissive hand in the general direction of the door. Seth stole one last glance at the glaring kids still in the office, savouring the image, before turning and flicking two fingers in a casual salute.

* * *

Fe giggled as she scratched one last circle into the pavement, then bounced back a couple steps to take in her full masterpiece. She had managed to find one of those really chalky rocks at the edge of the school parking lot, and had scraped a massive hopscotch for herself to skip through. It was shaped like a fish with cherries growing out of its head. Fe blinked, eyes scanning the ground in search of the starting point. Tilting her head a bit, then squinting, she kept searching for the start. Was it at the fin, or the cherry stem? Or maybe the eye? Fe marched around her hopskotch, her entire being focused on finding the start. Puffing out her cheeks and pushing her eyelids wider with her fingers, Fe marched faster, until she found the pavement over her face. She flopped on her back and patted her reddening nose.

"Hello, ground," she smiled, moving the patting gesture to the pavement she'd tripped face-first on. But the pavement was squishier than usual, and it made noises when she patted harder. Perking into a sitting position, Fe noticed that she was sitting on someone. "Oh!" she laughed, "thank you!" Fe hopped to her feet and bent to brush non-existent dust off of the stranger's shirt and head. "There we go. You okay, mister?"

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