Kind of a late message: Happy 2011! -from Kitty (and Slappy?)

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Introduce Yourself!

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1Introduce Yourself! Empty Introduce Yourself! on 04/04/10, 02:58 pm


New to the forums? Why not introduce yourself, to give people a taste of what you're like? Hobbies, obsessions, pet peeves, writing style, your grandmother's grandmother's maiden name... tell us anything you want! And what's more, you get a free 300 Darks for doing it~

Go on, now, rant to your heart's content. You know you want to Wink

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2Introduce Yourself! Empty Introducing Teeth on 04/04/10, 03:54 pm

Hello, my name is Teeth. Quite frankly, I can't really think of anything really relevant to say, so I'll say some really random things.

Okay... First and foremost, I am the brother of Slappy, I guess that's kinda this is the first rp site I've ever been on, so I really have no clue what I'm doing. Like, it took me a good five minutes to find the post button thingy here. Anyways, um... I like chocolate, like every other breathing thing on this world, I like movies, I like video games, I find the taste of water disgusting... I'm pretty normal.

By the way, don't ask me why my name is teeth, I won't answer you, and you won't even wanna listen to the hour long story anyways.

{Darks Sent!}

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3Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 04/04/10, 08:01 pm

My name is Kit, and uh..... I'm 11? lol

{Darks Sent!}

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4Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 04/04/10, 10:05 pm

i am cookie
i am not a real cookie
so to be clear;
i am cookie
not a cookie
i am cookie not a cookie
so this is not being written by a cookie
it is being written by cookie
so don't freak out
thank you

{Darks Sent!}

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5Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 04/04/10, 11:29 pm

Hello my name is Vandal and I am a forum junkie.
I shall be your mod for the day in what appears to be a couple of locations. I'll let you know what they are when I do.

I enjoy drawing, and am currently only able to do black and white or line drawings at the moment due to time and unable to access my desktop with my art programs on it.
I role play more than write fics at the moment.

I love animals to death. I work at a dog kennel and manage the place. I own a cat and my mother has my dog. I also work at a little resort and spa. I am Canadian.

I enjoy music mostly Big Shiney Tunes.

I'm on a couple of other site, like Wajas.

That's all I feel like saying right now.


{Darks Sent!}

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6Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 05/04/10, 10:51 pm

*sigh* I Wonder If I'm Alound To Do This Too... =A=;
Ah Well! I'll Just Have To Find Out Now Wont I! ^^

Ello There All! ^^
I AM THE ALL MIGHTY KURO! RULER OF POKEMON! Yeah, I'm So Cool That I Still Play Pokemon! ;3
I Love Caps As You Can See.
I ALSO LOVE THESE EMOTICON'S: Razz, What a Face, afro, And Last But Not Least... lol!
I Love Music, Anime, Roleplaying, Chatting, Playing Video Games, Drawing, Writing, Singing And Playing On The Computer!
I Love Animals So Much! =^-^=
When I See Something Really Cute I Sometimes Start To Cry For Some Reason.
I Am A Mod On This Web Site So Don't *MEEP!* With Me! D<
No Seriously Don't Give Me ANY Problems. I Don't Want Trouble Makers Ruining Other Roleplayers Fun.
... I'm Gunna Eat Your Soul...
There's A Bug On Your Nose.
You're Checking.
There Was No Bug On Your Nose.
Because There Was A Bug On My Nose And Not Yours.
You Are Smiling Because It Was True. (Don't Lie! ;D)
No. I Know You Were Actually Saying 'WTF?'. XD


Oh Wow...
I Usually Start Off Writing Something I Think Is Nice And Short But In The End I Write A Ton Of Stuff That May or May Not Be Needed... >-<'
Um... Before I Write A Story I'll Say Bye! ^^

{Haha Nice Kuro. Darks Sent!}

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7Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 06/04/10, 10:53 pm

And sugar. And anime. And horse. And CHEESE!
And, if you need more of an explanation of it than that, ask pretty much anybody (no... Seriously. Ask Slappy, Teeth, Kitty ,Kuro...ANYBODY.)

If there is one thing I hate, it is people who try to kill others fun on roleplays..... I sounded very evil right there! >8-3
lawl I have no life.
Im a mod here too, though Im stupid and probably won't ba able to do a good job at it. (FAIL!)

...Im gonna eat your babies!

{Haha ZoZo. Nice xD Darks Sent!}

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8Introduce Yourself! Empty Marmf. on 09/04/10, 12:00 am


So, I'm AlternateSunset. You can call me Alternate, or Alt, for short. Very Happy
Uhm... I don't really know what to say here.
I guess I'll just say stuff I like?

I'm obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. I am a massive fangirl, although I don't show it often.
I love music, specifically playing guitar, and singing.
Video games are more of a lifestyle for me than a hobby... My favourites are Kingdom Hearts (Of course), The Legend of Zelda, Rune Factory, Pokémon, and... I can't remember any others. Very Happy
For some really random facts, my favourite colour is purple, my favourite fruit is watermelon, I have intense kinemortophobia, and I'm allergic to cinnamon. Very Happy

Like someone else said, I've never been to an RP site before, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and what's worse is that I'm also terribly shy. xD

No worries though, get me talking about something I like, and I'll get hyper and crazy, and suddenly not be shy.

Uhm... I don't think I really have anything else to say...
So... Nice to be part of this site. Very Happy

{Lol welcome Alt 8D Darks Sent!}

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9Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 10/04/10, 01:51 am


Dude, I just realized, I started this thread and I haven't even introduced myself. xD

So, uhmmmm...

What can I say?




I'm an avid fangirl, especially when it comes to anime/manga/video games. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, insomniac, and shota freak. I sometimes get a lil too carried away with my obsessions... I love to draw and I'm an 100% lit kid. I'm a failed fencer in my third year of experience. What a Face <- that guy terrifies me, and so do sharks and trains. cyclops <- this guy amuses me, and LOL is that ->lol! Goku? Chocolate is God, and Katsura Hoshino is Jesus in disguise. I forget things easily, and I tend to lose my train of thought until like a week later, and then I blurt out the most random things. (Such words include magic, death, pizza... etc. You know, normal stuff that normal people say.) My greatest accomplishments in life are spending over 200 dollars on markers within a 4-month period, having brief memory loss after a 6x8 landed on my head, and setting my toaster on fire three times. I freaking adore all my friends, and believe it or not, I get along with my younger brother. My cat is currently trying to eat the keyboard, so I'll cut things from here.

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Okay soo I don't really know what to write here so I'll just put a bunch of random facts. x3

I've never been on an rp site before so I'm still trying to figure out how everything works. It took be 3 minutes just to figure out how to reply to this >.>
I'm an obsessive reader and could open a small library with all the books I own.
I swear I have short term memory loss but maybe it's just a side-effect from lack of sleep? Who knows.
I love riddles and mind games. [What is often returned but never borrowed?]
I have a habit of bursting out with random facts at the most awkward times.
Little dogs scare the crap out of me but I love big dogs.
I've been working on solving the same rubix cube for the past 3 years. ._.'
The ball on the top of the flag pole is called the truck.
I love manga, anime, and video games to death but I'm not addicted or anything...well...uhh...I uhh...I CAN QUITE ANYTIME I WANT! ._.'
I plan on becoming a zoo keeper when I'm older.
Did you know sharks are immune to all known diseases including cancer?

xD Well, sorry if I bored you but like I said, I have no idea what I'm supposed to say right now.

{Welcome LNF! 8D Darks Sent!}

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11Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 19/04/10, 02:14 am

Don't give meh darks plz~

This is Kitty 8D

I made this account for a test and then for future events that need an account like this I can dump things on. I'm also making one more account but I'll be putting that in a global announcement 'cause that one's important.

So yeah, this account will be pretty much inactive for a long while. 8D

Ignore me! xD

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12Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 22/04/10, 08:59 pm

Huh, I thought I had already posted this but I guess I didn't. Here we go:

I'm Kit's twin sister, I like Bleach, Fate/Stay Night, Card Captor Sakura and other manga. I also like dogs, wolves, and a lot of other things. I hate it when people say 'like'-- or other things people tend to say when thinking-- way too many times in one sentence. The dog in my display picture is Onyx, we had to put her down this year *sniffles*. I like to run, my birthday is in 15 days and I suck at computers. (Though I'm better at them then Teeth is with role play sites. *grins at Teeth*

{Darks Sent!}

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13Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 23/04/10, 07:07 pm

Hi. Smile I'm Puddles (obviously) and AlternateSunset invited me to join this site.

What about myself? I'm painfully shy in real life but once you get to know me I seem...almost outgoing. o_O

I love writing (about anything at all) and want to be a writer when I grow up, though that's probably not going to happen. I also love reading and playing with my pet rabbit. Very Happy

So...yeah. That's about it. I've never been on an RP site before. I'm technologically challenged but hopefully I'll figure this site out soon enough.
Anything else? Oh. Random fact: I want to live in Britain when I grow up.

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14Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 03/05/10, 04:15 pm

I'm Mousen,
I don't do social stuff,
I ussaly hate people, ussaly.
I'm alternative to the core.
I love Paramore and Owl city.
I love writing, Poems, lyrics and stories.
I'm allright at doing the above#
But not at much else.
I'm not easily influenced.
I'm trying to set up my own working forum,
everythings going well expet for the "working" part.
Did I mention I'm occasionly funny?
Well I shouldn't it might be concieved as big headed.
But never the less, heres me in 3 words :
Unsociable, creative, alternativ3.
{Darks Sent}

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15Introduce Yourself! Empty Re: Introduce Yourself! on 17/02/11, 07:05 pm

Hi. I'm Corylus. I'm one of the Artists for this site.... none of my work is up yet but it hopefully will be soon--and hopefully won't be hated > <

I enjoy long walks in the park, sunsets on the beach, and sleeping in hammocks. I also like to draw Very Happy (pretend you're surprised.) Lets see...hmmm... okay, so random stuff:
-i fail at writing? but i still like it.
-This is my first time on a RP site (can you tell Razz ?)
-i fail at 'technology'. it hates me. (I can't seem to find out how to add friends. even though i found the button.)
-I love dogs. i currently have two: a Dachshund and a Shih Tzu.
-I like strawberry and lime jello.
-My favorite color is BROWN. yes. brown.
-I read a lot. (and got a book that'll teach me how to deal with my book addiction.)
-when i grow up I'm gonna be a taxidermist. according to the school website, it's the best job for me. (I'm not impressed)
-my folks think I'm working on my essay write now.

and that just about sums it up > >

{Darks Sent}

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