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A Viral World -Lit-(Hybrids, escape, survival)-Open-

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In the Near future:

A disease that attacks a genome that human and primates share. Spreads rapidly killing all it infects within 20 days. The inability to isolate, cure or counter this fast spreading disease prompted the evacuation of all humans 40 years and under to the space station and moon based colonies. Leaving the 40+ humans scattered behind on Earth. Nature is quickly reclaiming what has been abandoned.

The Scientists over 40 are left behind hidden away in a protected underground facility camouflaged in the Tauern Mountains of Austria. Here is where they worked to isolate the true compound of the viruses.
They created creatures to survive the disease; part human and part animal. Hybrids.

30 years later; for some unknown or undiscovered reason, the worlds natural animals have evolved creating beasts that have never been seen before. Winged Lions, animal eating plants and other such things making it easier for prey to hide predators to hunt and animals to jump land masses.

The first pair of hybrids, felines; Herrick and Yenna escaped five months ago and no one has seen them since. The aging scientists have increased the security but at the same time, they're all aging and growing older unable to keep up with the remaining hybrids care and upkeep easily, while limiting their contact with the hybrids to only examine them.

The two that escaped along with the failing care has stirred up the other hybrids wanting to know what was outside of their isolated walls with limited and censored education of the Earth.

Interior Setting:
Three level facility top level where the scientists would live and observe the hybrids, a central 'viewing' area so the top level could watch the middle level interact in a rec-room style area.
The middle level is where the hybrids live and are contained to. A swimming pool, exercise gym area, games/rec room. Army style mess hall for eating. Long tables with benches and buffet style meals.
Dorm style sleeping area one for girls one for boys and locker rooms to change in. a small limited book collection for preschoolers, and a den area with chairs and cushions.
The lowest level is the creation laboratories, laboratories, hydroponics for growing food and filtered water sources.

-No primate/human hybrids (simply because of the virus's effects, they die.)
-Literate Posts. Go for Grammer and Spelling over over all length. One liners are a no-no, but 8 paragraphs is NOT required. ^_^
-Scientists are mainly NPC's, you can play one. Just remember they are old and will die outside of the facility.
-No one can play the first pair of hybrids.-You can find evidence of them, but not 'them'.
-Characters can be more human or more animal. Pictures are fine remember disclaimers.
-No god-modding
-OOC comments are to be added at the start or at the end of your posts, no OOC only posts.
-You can have as many characters as you can handle.
-No one has any powers.
-It's just DNA mingled. Birds fly, so hybrid birds... Need really big wings or delicate bones to fly. Sharks breathe underwater, so a Shark hybrid gets the best of both worlds?
-One Species per human hybrid.
-MxM, MxF, FxF relationships are fine.

-Age limit of characters: 14 to 25
Scientists: over 40.

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Haru & Yenna First felines. (escaped. Not played.)

[F] Gage {Mouse} -19
[M] Riff {Rat} -17
[M] Blade {Leopard Gecko} -15
[F] Sachii {Snow Leopard} -14

[M] Zio {Coyote} -17
[M] Xien {Siberian Tiger} -17
[M] Allen {Harp Seal} -14

[M] Seth {Ram} -14
[F] Fe {Sheep} -14

[F] Rio {Black DMH cat} -16
[M] Jace {Timber wolf} -17

[F] Neri-Lue {Sparrow} -16
[M] Az {Bear} -21

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Name: Gage
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hybrid species: Mouse
Fur: White with hint of pale cream.
Hair color & Length: Red hair just past the shoulders.
Eye colors: Emerald Green
Height: 5’6
Build: Toned, flexible.
Weight: 120 lbs
Hybrids' Strength: quick, agile, sensitive to ground vibrations.
Hybrids' Weakness: skittish, doesn’t like big open spaces or wind. Gage is not tuned into her animal instincts.

Clothing description: Jeans, low healed boots that go halfway up her calves. Purple shirt and a black vest.

Detailed description: Red haired off-white furred human sized mouse. An athletic lean build, emerald green eyes, thick black lashes, and a small black nose. Large ears, long flexible white tail.


Personality: Curious and determined. Easily startled. Her reaction to most things is run and hide before fighting. She is playful.


Name: Riff
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hybrid species: Hooded Rat
Fur: Tan/brown fur with black ears, black paws up to the elbows and knees. Black tail and a nose streak.
Hair color & Length: Short tussled black hair.
Eye colors: Ruby red.
Height: 5’9
Build: Limber and slightly muscular from using the climbing equipment supplied to them.
Weight: (optional)
Hybrids' Strength: quick, agile, aggressive.
Hybrids' Weakness: aggressive, willing and able to call a lot of things food.

Clothing description: Black jeans, brown hiking boots. White short sleeve t-shirt.

Detailed description: Tall with a slight muscular build to his shoulders and legs. His short tussled black hair is never tamed. The black from his hair blends in with his small round ears, that is only dark but not fur covered line his tail. His hands up to his elbows are black furred as are his feet to his knees. Even though he has human hands, they are tipped off with claws. His brown hiking boots go just past his ankles, his black jeans are a bit faded. He likes to keep his white fur and top clean.

Personality: Stand and fight before fleeing. Anything can be food if you’re hungry. ANYTHING.

Picture: N/A

Name: Blade
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hybrid species: Leopard Gecko
Scale color(s): White with black spots.
Hair color & Length: White and long, tied into a pony tail at the nap of his neck with a black ribbon.
Eye colors: Black
Height: 2 feet
Build: slight but toned.
Weight: few pounds.
Hybrids' Strength: He's tiny. He can climb smooth surfaces. Lick his eyes with his tongue.
Hybrids' Weakness:He is tiny, cold blooded, requires warm temperatures.

Clothing description: Black trench coat with a slit at the bottom for his tail. Black dress pants -they don't catch like jean material does. Black tee shirt.

Detailed description: He's tiny, not exactly what the scientists were aiming for creating him. He looks human with Large black eyes with orange specs. A short thick tail with spikes on it. His hands and feet are like a humans but with long sharp claws and sticky type finger pads that let him climb glass. He has a blue forked tongue and covered with smooth bumpy skin more than scales.

Personality: He's hard headed and stubborn. He angers easily and isn't afraid to back down from a fight. Even if that fight is with someone more than half his size. He is very protective of his friends and family.

Picture: (N/A at the moment.)


Name: Sachii

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hybrid species: Snow leopard

Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Thick and lush. White and Silver with black rosettes

Hair color & Length: Pale blond and shoulder length.

Eye colors: Pale Jade

Height: 5'5

Build: Slender and Lithe

Weight: (optional)

Hybrids' Strength: Ability to run using her tail for ballance. Thick paws for walking atop of snow.

Hybrids' Weakness: Tolerates cold better than warm. Sheds

Clothing description: A dark green short sleeve tee shirt. Blue bell bottoms. Now and then has a scientists coat for fun.

Personality: Young and sweet. Impressionate and not very bright.

Detailed description: Slender and lithe, moving with a natural grace. She has a human body and face with round cat ears, thick cat tail and large cat feet. Her hands are human like with cat claws on her fingers. She has teeth like a feline as well.

Link to a picture:

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{YAY! lmao. I'm gunna be Zio (of course) and two other people that I never got to use last time because I joined late. 8D}


Hybrid species:
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s):
Ears a light creamy brown on the inside they are white. Tail creamy light brown with a hint of dark brown and black here and there
Hair color & Length:
Light brown and reaches just below shoulder blades
Eye colors:
Dark brown

Skiny but still reasonably muscular
Hybrids' Strength:
Very good hearing; sees very well in the dark and is a fast runner.
Hybrids' Weakness:
To much chaos. He doesn't like when he doesn't know what's going on. And loud noises freak him out.

Clothing description:
Is only ever seen wearing a black trench coat with a white t-shirt and black sweat pants.
A little lazy around the edges, he can sleep through almost anything, but he will do anything for the others. He's very protective of those he feels are close to him.
A Viral World -Lit-(Hybrids, escape, survival)-Open- Angry-neko-anime-animal-guys-461251


Hybrid species:
White Siberian Tiger
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s):
Small white cat ears with black stripes on either side of his head and a long slightly fluffy white tail with black stripes. Arms have black stripeson them. Has triger fangs instead of normal human teeth.
Hair color & Length:
Grayish white and reaches base of neck.
Eye colors:
Dark blue gray

Muscular but since he's naturally skiny and has a broad chest.
Hybrids Strength:
He's pretty strong and fast on his feet. Great balance.
Hybrids Weakness:
Gets distracted easily.

Clothing description:
In pic
Very flamboyant and full of himself. He likes to tease others especially the hybrids that are younger than him. He can be mistaken for a ladies man but he's not as into them as he is into guys. He thinks of life as a game and doesn't mind life in the underground facility as he gets fed and has a bed to sleep on.
A Viral World -Lit-(Hybrids, escape, survival)-Open- Normal_j_h_32_mix


Hybrid species:
Harp Seal
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s):
White. Instead of human hands he has the paws of a harp seal.
Hair color & Length:
White and reaches base of neck.
Eye colors:
Onyx black

Small and frail.
Hybrids Strength:
He may be thin but his skin has the durablity of blubber. He can swim fast and can indure freezing water and temperatures.
Hybrids Weakness:
Is slow physically. Is scared easily.

Clothing description:
A big black coat and a jeans and chain neckless with a bell on it.
Very soft-spoken and shy. He doesn't talk very much and usually tries to stay away from others unless he's hinding from the scientists, that's when he hinds behind the closest bigger hybrid. Has a good head on his shoulders and can see through deception most of the time.
A Viral World -Lit-(Hybrids, escape, survival)-Open- Kiro-ThePersonWhoPlaysAsKoro

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ZOMGOPDIjmrd,gkreg!! *spazzes* ALLEN o______________o

I'll join! 8D Mind if I use Seth and Fe again? o3o

Name: Fe
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hybrid species: Lamb/sheep
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Her nails are black-gray and thicker than a human's, and the bottoms of her feet are solid as granite and unsensitive to temperature (to compensate for hooves lol) And she has lamb ears and a tail, too, all white.
Hair color & Length: White hair in wide ringlets, just below shoulder length
Eye colors: Violet-blue
Height: 5'4
Build: She has a slender build. Willowy, almost bony limbs, long legs and a short torso. Fragile and clumsy-looking.
Weight: (optional) 90 pounds
Hybrids' Strength: Nimble (when she manages to not fall flat on her face), has high endurance and rock-solid head, feet and nails.
Hybrids' Weakness: No sense of direction, very gullible and has two left feet-- figuratively, of course.
Clothing description: She wears a thick gray woolen sweater that drapes well over her hands and past her knees. She has shorts on, but the sweater covers them. She wears black socks that are meant to be knee-length, but they always slide to her ankles. No shoes, just socks, so the bottoms of them are full of holes.
Detailed description: Although not related by blood, it's been accepted by everyone that she and Seth are siblings, due to their hybrid similarities and natural drawing towards each other.
Personality: She always has a smile on her face, and is gentle at nature. She has zero sense of direction and trusts people way too easily. She's definitely a follower, and would choose flight over fight. Tends to get distracted often.
Picture: (links are OK too.)
Sorry, the scan turned out kinda blurry T_T


Name: Seth
Age: 14 (lol yay twins now xD)
Gender: Male
Hybrid species: Ram
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): His nails are brown-gray and thicker than a human's and the bottoms of his feet are solid as granite and insensitive to temperature. He has ram ears, a tail, and those epic ram horns. The fur on his ears and tail are a faded gray with flecks of brown.
Hair color & Length: Short, smoky gray hair with random strands of brown in about 2-inch layers; his bangs are just barely above his eyes.
Eye colors: Deep blue
Height: 5'0
Build: He has a lean build. Slender, bony limbs, long legs and a short torso. Swift and agile-looking.
Weight: (optional) 85 pounds
Hybrids' Strength: Has high endurance and rock-solid head, feet and nails. Excellent power, especially in the legs and in his neck (for headbutts! Yay!)
Hybrids' Weakness: Bad hand-eye coordination, overconfident.
Clothing description: Knee-length black shorts with oversized zippers on the pockets, and a t-shirt-sleeved teal hoodie. He wears a lemon-yellow wristband on his right arm, which he never takes off. Nothing on his feet.
Detailed description: Although not related by blood, it's been accepted by everyone that he and Fe are siblings, due to their hybrid similarities and natural drawing towards each other.
Personality: Very blunt and outspoken. He's talented at sports, so long as it doesn't rely heavily on hand-eye coordination. He has a complex about his height, and is determined to prove to the world that he's just as much of a man as any of the older guys. Although he tends to order around his older sister, he's extremely protective over her. Definitely a leader, and sucks at video games.
Picture: (links are OK too.)
Don't enlarge the pic... I forgot to resize xD

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OMG I have to get Jace and Rio in on this one 8D

Name: Rio
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hybrid species: Black Cat
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Ears and tail are both black. Inside of ears are slightly pink/white in colour
Hair color & Length: Short black and smooth hair
Eye colors: Green
Height: 4'11"
Build: Very - but not disgustingly skinny. Small in size and flat chested.
Weight: 105 lb
Hybrids' Strength: Seeing in the dark and hearing/smelling things from farther away
Hybrids' Weakness: Though she's cat, she's really clumsy. She also absolutely hates water, even though she can swim.
Clothing description: Usually in dark clothing, such as a black or grey zip up hoodie, blue jeans and running shoes.
Detailed description: Not sure what you want here, but I can edit later if I finally understand xD
Personality: She's extremely shy and tends to be ignored a lot, or rather avoided. Since she's part black cat, which is said to be bad luck, most people tend to shun her or keep away from her, leaving her all alone most of the time. Even when someone tries to talk to her, she shys away. The only one she's okay talking to is a boy by the name of Jace. She can be quite spacy at times and doesn't understand a lot of things.
Pic: DO NOT ENLARGE o3o Thanks Slappy sooo much for the pic! 8D


And of course we need a Jace in there if there's gonna be a Rio ^-^

Name: Jace
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hybrid species: Timber Wolf
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Just wolf-like ears and they're gray/white
Hair color & Length: Short pointy dark brown hair
Eye colors: Light blue/gray
Height: 5'11"
Build: Not really skinny and reasonably muscular, but not overly muscular.
Weight: 173 lb
Hybrids' Strength: Same as Rio, Seeing in the dark and hearing/smelling things from farther away.
Hybrids' Weakness: He's terrified of fire but will brave it if something extreme happens, like if he absolutely has to.
Clothing description: Usually wearing a white/grey t-shirt, blue jeans and running shoes
Detailed description: Not sure what you want here, but I can edit later if I finally understand xD
Personality: He's not shy at all and like to talk to others a lot of the time. He is well liked, but doesn't boast about it. He's kind, and very friendly to all. But he is a little odd when it comes to some kinds of candy. No one's sure why. He's extremely protective over Rio.
Picture: Can't find a good one T_T I'm trying though!

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Behind a shiny one way safety glass window far above the enclosure, four men and a woman stood watching the habitat below, clipboards in one hand and pen in the other they took notes on what their creations and the hope of surviving the viral outside world were up to. From their vantage point the entire habitat could be seen with the illusion of privacy the hybrids experienced in bed, bath and shower. They didn't need the worlds answer to a cure fighting among themselves and killing each other out of sight.

The hybrid enclosure separated by three feet of thick mountain stone was a self contained environment with three air filters and one dual air lock entrance/exit to the rest of the underground facility containing the scientists above with their observatory, living quarters and other personal and professional areas. The elevator and stairways that lead down to the lower level containing the hydroponics, filtered water sources and cultivation laboratories. The creation rooms and experimental laboratories for the hybrids are on the upper level.

"Scientists." Blade scoffed looking up at the black shiny window far above them. Laying sprawled on his belly, head tipped up. "Think they're so great." his purple tongue flicking out to wet his eyes outer membrane. "Watching us like some ants under a magnifier glass. Their nothing more than prison guards with slaves to probe and poke at their convenience." He hissed darkly lowering his chin to the warm hot rock he currently relaxed on in the 'living room / den' area of their enclosure.

Peering over the rim of the childish dictionary book in her white furry human shaped hands, Gage smirked. "Ever so uplifting aren't you?" lowering her green eyes, her red hair tied back into a loose pony tail. "Just ignore them like you have been for the last what.. fifteen years?"

Blade snorted his pebbly skinned not quite scaled tail slid over the warm hard surface. The above red heat lamp catching the small raised spikes along the black and white limb. "You weren't prodded like some pin cushion yesterday."

The white mouse hybrid, looking more like a fur covered human with a tail and mouse facial features, smirked at the poor boy. "Honestly Blade you were named for your attitude and not those little sharp spines on your back and tail. Would it kill you just once to remember that the rest of us went through the same thing at your age?" She hummed in her soft voice.

"Yeah it only gets better from here on out." Riff grinned walking by heading to the pool table. "Wait till they start trying to... extract DNA."

Blade's head snapped up. "What?!" He hissed, his speckled eyes growing wide.

"Oh yeah!" Riff looked over his dark tanned shoulder. Mischief sparkling in his red eyes. "They tie you down to a table and take all your clothes off, then they take these long tubes and stick them in places that shouldn't have anything going into--"

"RIFF!" Gage snapped slamming down the book. "They do not and you know that!"

"Aww come on Gage! I'm just having fun with the gecko." Riff grinned, pointy teeth visible. "Naw Blade, they really give you a cup and some pretty pictures of naked whats-you-like."

"Exactly." Gage picked up her book again. "It isn't so bad Blade, of course that's after the whole prodding and intrusive experiments."

"Great" Blade grumbled sarcastically as he slid off his rock. "Something to look forward to. A plastic cup." Standing his full two foot height, he sauntered off to find something else to do away from annoying rodents.

"How are you feeling anyways Gage?" Riff asked quietly pausing near her.

Gage shrugged. "Same ol' same ol'" flipping a page.

Riff took his cue and let her be. Heading for where his nose told him there was fresh food for breakfast.

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((Lol just using my old post, with a few tweaks in the last half, since Neri-Lue isn't here, and Jace and Rio haven't been introduced yet xD))

"Winner!" Fe cheered along with the announcer's voice on the fuzzy T.V. screen, her arms flinging above her head, one hand gripping a PS2 controller. She giggled and turned to face her brother with an overstretched grin. Seth's face was tilted away from her, but the rest of his body was still tensed and hunched over as if the race hadn't been won yet. Fe's ears flicked and she poked the pause button on the racing game once the fourth course began to count down. She cocked her head to the side, blinking. "What's wrong, Sethy?"

Seth sighed and relaxed his shoulders. "Haven't we been playing this long enough? I wanna go hang out with the guys," he groaned. Here he was sitting in the dark playing video games with his older sister, when all the guys got to be outside doing the guy stuff that he should be in on too.

"Oh. Okie," she shrugged. Hopping to her feet, Fe offered her hand to Seth. He ignored the gesture and pushed himself up, and made his way over to the door to the main den area, but stopped abruptly when the entire room flicked to black.

"Fe. Turn the T. V. back on. I can't see where I'm going."

"Hm? Oh, okay..." There was a shuffling sound and a thud. Seth slapped his hand over his face. "I think the T. V. changed places, Sethy. Justa sec. Lemme--" there was another crash and a little yelp.

"For God's sake..." Seth stretched his arms out in front of him and felt his way to the door. Once his hands found its handle, he twisted and pushed himself forward. Light poured in the room as the door creaked open, revealing Fe crouched on the ground, waving her hands above the coffee table with her eyes shut tight. "You can open your eyes."

Fe perked up and turned her neck to look at her brother. She giggled again and skipped to join Seth in the main den area.

Riff and Blade's voices floated from across the room. Seth's face brightened and he dashed over to the guys.

"What's up?" he said, trying to hide his enthusiasm. He was a man. Men stayed casual. Deep breaths.

Fe was left standing alone at the entrance to the T.V. room. Rocking on her heels with her arms swinging at her sides, her gaze wandered to the window. Her lips pursed. "What to do, what to do," she hummed.

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{Made a new one! 8D And holy cow it's longer than I thought. o.o' Hope this is good! ^^ Been having writers block for the longest time. -_-'}

A roar, a small yelp, loud crashing and banging and Xien ran from the pool room into the living room/den. Xien slid to a stop in the middle of the room and turned to face the way he came, laughing as Allen shuffled out of the pool room with towels hanging on him.

Xien's stripped tail twitched playfully. He glanced up at the glass window where the scientists were always sitting or standing watched. He saw some of them had their eyes on him some with questioning looks and others were writing things down on pads of paper. Xien smirked. 'Hope ya got that down!' he thought eagerly then returned his gaze to Allen who didn't seem pleased.

"Why did you scare me?" Allen whinned softly as he took one of the towels off his head. "Was there any need?" he asked as the towel on his right shoulder slid off.

Xien thought about it for a moment then shook his head. "Nope!" he gave the seal boy a big grin filled with pearl white fangs. His ears twitched picking up the sound of Zio coming down the hall, most likely from his dorm, and walk into the room with a yawn.

"What's going on?" Zio asked slowly as his eyes sleepily focused on Allen. He tilted his head to one side confused. "You're now the towel monster?" he asked and that earned him a glare from the seall boy. "Okay sorry." he took a step back and his ears lay flat against his head worriedly, blending into his long light brown hair.

"He was just standing there and I just had the sudden urge to lung at him and see what would happen! He freaked and fell into the towels is all." Xien explained ears twitching and tail lashing as a playfully innocent smile came onto his face, "I didn't mean it."

Allen scowled at Xien before gathering up the towels and handing them to Xien angrily. "You put them away." he growled.

"Yes young master! Whatever you say!" Xien laughed, taking them from Allen and heading back to the pool.

"Annoying..." Allen sighed and shook his head, his soft white bangs falling in front of his face. Brushing them aside he glanced around hoping that they hadn't attracted to much attention. He hated being center of attention so he forced himself everyday not to look up at the scientists in the window above who were always watching and taking notes.

"He may be annoying but he can't help it, Allen." Zio told the younger boy. "He's part cat, whether it's the big kind or not, he will get the urge to attack something that's moving. You just happened to be his victim this time." he laughed but quickly stopped when Allen glared at him again.

Allen sighed and that's when Fe caught his eye and he smiled. Zio tilted his head to one side again and followed Allens gaze to the young sheep girl. Realizasion dawned on him and he made a snap decision. "Oh.. Hey I'm gunna go to the dinning hall for a bit alright?" he said and Allen turned to him to protest just as Xien stalked out of the pool room.

"Heeey. Well if it isn't Fe! Guess what Fe? Allen-" Xien began as he walked over but was cut off by Zio grabbing his arm and begining to drag him off. "That's enough out of you! You're coming with me!" Zio declared and the two of them headed for the dinning hall leaving Allen to talk to Fe alone.

Allen stood there staring after Zio and Xien, slightly terrified. Another thing he hated was talking to another hybrid without Zio or Xien around, they were the only ones he felt comfortable around, and it didn't help that Fe was a girl as he had no clue what to say to a girl.

"U-Uh... Hi..." he managed to say quietly.

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[Ack! Sorry for not realizing this was up n here. I need to log on more. >.>' I'll be posting with Az and Neri like normal.]

Name: Az
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hybrid species: Bear
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Medium Brown Fur
Hair color & Length: Long dark brown hair
Eye colors: Black
Height: 7'6" When standing up and around 5 foot when on all fours
Build: Muscular and athletic
Hybrids' Strength: He's strong, both mentally and physically and can eat a variety of things
Hybrids' Weakness: Single-minded, once he's made up his mind he's blind to any other way, is too big to hide in most places and has a tendency to be lazy

Clothing description: Frayed jeans and a plain white wife-beater with no shoes and a simple cord necklace

Detailed description: Az is striking with his large build and 7'6" frame. His dark brown fur covers his body and his slightly darker hair normally hides his black eyes. His small, round ears pop up from the top of his large head and help make him look more animal than human. His clothes are simple and worn but serve him well enough.

Personality: Az is alert, intelligent, and normally laid back. He prefers less work and more time to just do as he pleases but will get things done if the need arises. He almost never backs down from a fight. Likes things to go his way and with his immense strength they normally do.


Name: Neri-Lue
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hybrid species: Sparrow
Fur/Feathers/Scale color(s): Feathers are mousy brown and dappled with flecks of lighter and darker colors
Hair color & Length: Short and choppy, chestnut brown with lighter and darker streaks running through it
Eye colors: Dark Brown
Height: 4'10"
Build: Extremely tiny and thin, she's not very strong but she can move incredibly quickly
Hybrids' Strength: Tiny and quick. She can fly high above and peer down below to find those she's looking for. Can adapt to just about anything.
Hybrids' Weakness: Fidgety, ready to fly away at the slightest intrusion. Though, because of her high metabolism, she can't go long without eating.

Clothing description: layered camisole in cream and sage green, a rumpled grey skirt, and cowboy boots
Detailed description: For the most part, Neri-Lue looks human. With her pale skin, short chestnut brown hair, and petite frame she'd fit in with people perfectly except for the fact that she has two large wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. She has longer, sharper fingernails than normal and her face is more angular than most.

Personality: For the most part, Neri-Lue is incredibly shy. She'd rather flee than fight, and is gentle for the most part. Though she doesn't like interacting with those she doesn't know, she loves to talk and sing with the very few she's used to. She's known to be nervous and won't stick around if she thinks she's in danger.

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What's up?" Seth said, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

Gage turned her head seeing the young ram. "Morn' Seth." The older rodent hybrid smirked at the way the kid tried to be more mature then he really was, it was cute to her. "Blade just headed that way." She pointed down the hall towards the pool area and rooms. "Not sure where he was going. And Riff...." She cranned her neck to look over her shoulder. "I think he headed to the cafe."

"Still within earshot." Riff called walking back. "I don't need to eat again, I just smelled the fresh food." He grinned. "Mornin' Seth. Heard you and Fe in the TV room, who won?" he asked curiously his thin black round ears flicking forward, his furless tail swaying cassually behind him holding a more dark fleshtone with splotches of darker pigments and black guard hairs.

Gage set down her book again out of boredom this time. Paying attention to little feeling a bit woozy. She leaned back, letting her red hair fall over the back of the chair closing her eyes and taking some deep breaths. Her heavy breakfast was not settling well with her. Rubbing her belly trying to calm it didn't help.

Green eyes snapped open she bolted upright rushing to the bathrooms as fast as she could. She didn't make it half way there, throwing up in the middle of the hall, her previous breakfast splatting with a wet noise on the tiles. Shaking and spitting she leaned on the nearest obejct, it wasn't exactly the wall. Her belly continued to protest the contents. Too weak to hurry to the bathroom or move that matter, she leaned over and tossed up the remains and some stomache acid too. Her whtie furred tail holding back her long red hair, both hands on her belly as she slowly sank to her knees unsure when the tears started.

"Clean up sector three." Came over the loud speakers.

"Oh.... hell." she whimpered mortified now. The scientists seen, of course they seen. They seen everything. Her cheeks burned from embarassment. She still couldn't muster the strenght to run. She stayed crouched. Hoping her tummy would settle enough for her to move.

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"Stupid poindexters can't even have the decency to put out enough food." Az grumbled to himself looking at his empty dish. Normally he wasn't this moody but after eating all of the food provided for him and still being hungry, Az was more than a little annoyed. Sighing, he decided if he couldn't eat he'd go to the living area and see who was around. He wouldn't mind talking to a few of the others and besides, it might take his mind off his hunger.

Az’s warm brown fur bristled at the slight change in temperature as he started walking into the den. He caught a glance of himself in the reflection coming off the metal door and stared. Az was more animal than human. He wasn't exactly what the scientists had had in mind when they decided to cross human DNA with a bear. He could stand on two legs easier than other bears, could talk and could even think just like any other human but that was all that made him different from his animal cousins.

Shaking his head he looked away and saw his family going about their day like usual. Xien was wrecking havoc wherever he went, Seth has hanging with the men, a game of pool was going on, and everyone else was in some kind of conversation or another. That’s when he saw Blade, a small gecko hybrid, stalk all somewhere. I wonder what’s eating him?

"What's a matter, little guy?" Az asked in a friendly way. "Did Geek Squad make an uninvited visit or something?"


Neri-Lue sat perched in one of the many trees in the hybrid enclosure. She loved the view from up there and being able to see everything that went on down below was a big bonus as well. It wasn't as if she didn't trust the other hybrids- in her sixteen years of life they'd never done anything to hurt her- but she was always too nervous to have real conversations with them. That didn't mean she didn't like knowing what was going on though. From her spot in the trees she could see and hear most things that went on in the den area and watch out for the scientists without having to get in harm's way at all.

Content, the girl started to hum to herself, swinging her small pale legs along to the tune. Neri had always been tiny, largely due to the fact that her DNA was mixed with that of a sparrow's. Her petite frame, short feather-like brown hair, and small sharp nails all stemmed from that. In fact, the only large thing about her was her giant set of dappled wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades.

She heard a few of the other hybrids joking around down below her and wished that she had the courage to join them. But it wasn't time for her to come down and eat yet and Neri-Lue was not one who often strayed from her routine. Routines made life easy. Routines made life safe. Routines were what had kept her out of harms way so far and she didn't want to risk it. Besides, there were only seven more minutes left before she normally went down to get her food. She could wait that long. She picked up her humming while she scanned the area yet again. Everything’s happening like normal. Not that there’s much else to do in-- Is that Gage? Why is she running? Oh my God! She’s sick! This is not normal. She needs help! Someone, help her. Oh, why won’t someone go help her? The scientists will see and they’ll think we’re all sick. They’ll have us all go in for testing. That’ll ruin everything for days.

“Ohh…I shouldn’t go down for another five minutes. But she does seem really sick…” Neri was stuck. If she went down to help Gage, she’d have to talk to her and break the routine. But if she didn’t go down Gage wouldn’t have anyone to help her, the scientists would come, and everything would change for a week or two. When Gage got sick for the second time though, Neri made up her mind. She would go down and try to help but only this one time. Stretching her wings she stood up on the branch, balancing in her tiny cowboy boots. She beat down twice to took off in Gage’s direction. She landed only a few seconds later and dropped down next to the hybrid. “Is is there anything I can do?” Neri-Lue whispered to the girl. “Do you th-think you could m-ma-maybe move t-t-t-to the bathroom if I h-helped?”

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"What's a matter, little guy?" Az asked in a friendly way. "Did Geek Squad make an uninvited visit or something?"

Blade smirked looking up at the huge bear hybrid. The size difference didn't scare him like it should. They seemed to both be 'mistakes' compared to the others. Although Az being one of the earlier creations, his was a lot more forgiving than the Geckos'.
"Yesterday, uninvited and undignified." He snorted. "What I wouldn't give to get out of this prison." He hissed darkly, his speckled eyes searching Az to see if he should pretend he was joking or if he found a serious ally.


Gage groaned wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She glanced up at Neri-Lue and groaned her white cheeks pinking more. "Oh... " embarrassed enough, she nodded her bright red head. "Please?" Holding out her hand.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be sick out here." Weakly trying to stand.

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