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INFECTED! (Come and Join Open ^_^ )

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1INFECTED! (Come and Join Open ^_^ ) Empty INFECTED! (Come and Join Open ^_^ ) on 15/04/10, 08:44 pm

The Virus's scientific name has been long forgotten. The pockets of civilization that has survived are far and few between.
After the space ships left, after the vaults of Project Genesis was sealed the remaining humans had to survive.

Of course at the start it was like anything else. Looting, Riots, rape, assaults, random shootings. The police left behind at first tried to stop it. But then, why bother?
It took months for things to settle down as the populations of the world realized they were left behind to survive on their own without government direction. Without policing and civil rules.

The sick continued to get sicker. The healthy were getting sick. Stores were becoming barren from looters. Money still held power but not as it once did. Bartering became the name of the game.
Anything and everything could be exchanged.

Gas became gold and generators were the only thing holding power as slowly one by one the cities grids collapsed. Homes on solar and wind power were guarded well by paranoid people.

As time wore on the the populations dwindled further, the virus changed. And soon, so did the world around them.

Nature started to reclaim the cities and streets that had repressed it for so long. Animals started to evolve to this new world. House pets becoming prey to house pets and wild life becoming predator and prey to house pets. A new balance was shifting in the natural world a new balance with a viral twist.

As domestic and wild interbred, they became infected. Fangs growing to sabretooth length, paws and limps evolving for better endurance. Species died out being replaced with new and combined species.

The most bizarre is the Winged Lions. The House sized Venus Fly traps hungry for flesh with a carnivores digestive system.
Then the expected. Huge wild pigs, Stronger and agile deer, moose, caribou. The flourish of endangered species and the death of them.

Still Humans were surviving in pockets. They traveled on broken and nature clogged roads. Dirt and cracked pavement. Avoiding the crumbling cities where the deranged and bandits were still known to roam. The sick were no longer dying. They were still sick and known as the 'infected'. They carried the disease and started to decay while alive. Feeling and able to carry on while limbs fell off and eyeballs popped out.

The healthy avoided them at all costs. Some even killing them if they got in the way. Boats and Planes are hard to come by, harder still in good working order. The survivors all head toward one destination. It was advertised over the radio when the generators still worked at stations. Some flyer's had been posted in cities and now occasionally spray painted 'Island Saves Us!'
This island had never had a name before, more than 8 miles wide, and yet it is the only place for healthy people could go.

The problem is getting there.

A group of survivors from all over are trapped in the middle of the USA and need to get to The Island. But first they have to make it to a coast, and then find a plane or a boat and survive the trip? Will they make it? Will they crash onto some other Continent? Will they die at sea?

Only time will tell.

(For those who need to know. This takes place in history before the Hybrid RP)

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Skeleton Sheet:

Body build:
ID markings:(Scars, tattoos, deformaties etc)
Character Bio:

Character list:

[M] Sam 18 {Vandal}
[M] Zack 15 {Slappy}
[F] Alicia 16 {Kitty}

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Name: Sam (Samalander) V. Hess
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Body build: Very toned and slender
Hair: White blond
Eyes: silver
skin: Pale white
ID markings: None

Personality: grumpy sometimes, serious and playful in his own way. Sometimes can come off as a moody jerk.

Description: Long straight hair that looks almost white in the summer. Shoulder length with flyaway bangs. Short sleave black top, black pants and black hiking boots. Has a black trenchcoat tossed around the back of his seat for wetter weather.

Character Bio:
Sam is the second youngest of seven siblings. When the choas of the infection hit, his family scattered already with their lives tried to come together to have their final days together.
His parents and youngest brother fell ill. Urging Sam to flee in case he too became infected. Packing his things he took the family ForeRunner and fled. Trying to reach his other brothers, he soon found himself alone with rumours of a safe place with no infection. That safe island is where he is headed to with the thought if his missing brother Jessie is anywhere, he'd head there too.

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((Yesh~ the RP's been brought here 8D))

Name: Zack
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Body build: Very slender; has subtle muscles
Hair: Chin-length black hair that's tied in a stubby ponytail at the back of his neck. His overgrown bangs always slip out of the hold, falling so that they frame his face in a messy array.
Eyes: Forest-green
Skin: Slightly tanned
ID markings: Coming soon... *cough*
Personality: Quiet and obeys those he respects without question. Usually comes off as passive and indifferent about his surroundings. However, he also becomes very attached to those who acknowledge him, as not many do. If anyone who he cared about were to be harmed, his barrier of levelheadedness would explode. Although sweet with allies, Zack is vicious in battle.
Description: Wears a thin hooded sweater that falls to just above his knees and has no buttons, zippers, etc. It's meant to be kept open. Underneath is a light cotton shirt (full-sleeved) with three buttonholes dropping from its wide collar that would almost completely expose his shoulders, had it not been for the hoodie that covered the majority. Nondescript, loose-fitting pants and mud-coloured boots that reach halfway up his shins complete the outfit. The sweater is a deep gray-brown while the pants are a shade lighter than black.
Character Bio: The ribbon Zack ties his hair back with belonged to his younger sister, who'd not survived the disease once she caught it. It's been almost a year since her death. Zack had stayed by her side the whole time, watching helplessly as his sister literally fell apart in front of his eyes. He made a promise to her that he would survive for the both of them, and reach the Island. Zack's optimism wavers as his past failures in helping his sister force him to raise doubt about his abilities. His unforgivable actions never cease to haunt Zack.

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Copied from Brimstone: Post by Kitty

Name: Alicia Everwhite
Age: 16
Gender: female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 108lb
Body build: Very thin, around medium/small height, cute face & high cheek bones
Hair: Long, dark brown, straight
Eyes: Large, innocent, green-blue, thick lashes
Skin: Quite pale
ID markings: None
Personality: Being small and fragile, she gets scared easily and isn't very good with social situations. She lives alone with her younger brother, which is why she's not good with talking or communicating with others. She absolutely adores small cute things like small animals and stuffed toys - she goes crazy over them. She doesn't fare well in scary situations and has a hard time coping with bad things. But if someone she knows and feels that they are important to her, or if the loves them even, she tends to act a lot braver than she is and gets herself into a lot of trouble.

Description: She's pretty short and likes to wear darkly coloured pull over hoodies (with strings. She loves strings), long sleeved black, gray, blue, brown - any dark colourd - shirts and jeans or grey/black sweat pants. She rarely will tie up her long hair and it always gets in her face, and she hates wearing high heels or anything like it, so usually has a pear of white running shoes on.
Character Bio: Alicia's parents died of the infection when she was very young, her brother just being born. Her brother was her only family for years, and she took care of him like she was his mother - even though she was only about eight at the time - and went out of her way to spoil him even though they had pretty much no money, which left her very little in return. But she didn't care, as long as her brother was happy. But he fell ill with some sort of sickness - not the infection - just before her birthday and he's been sick ever since. Seeing as they have very little money, she couldn't get him much care. So, there's only the two of them and he's extremely sick.

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Silver-Gray eyes stared over the hood of the red SUV. The speekers chattered in a monotone by some radio proclaimed preacher with a heavy accent.

"Infection, it spreads by body fluids. Once it was a cold virus contagious by air, as it contaminated the entire planet it mutated continuously. With its infection and mutations it changed the biology of the flora and fauna of the planet. The world changed as space ships left and vaults closed with the selected and protected few leaving the rest of the populations to wither and die in chaos and turmoil.
The chaos, riots and turmoil slowly subsided as the need to survive kicked in. Cities were now war zones and needed to be avoided as people amassed into gangs and fought for territory, supplies and necessities. Robbing and tormenting any travelers that get too close.
The infection turned people in a sense into Zombies with conscious. The infected would cough. Get sniffles and then seem fine. The rash would spread from one point or another over the body. The flesh would then start to rot and decay while the person is aware. Unable to eat, the infectious' body will feed off itself while the infection spread and grew until they started to decay from the inside out. Flesh, rotting, fingers falling off, eyes popping out, jaws dropping off and all the white the brain still functions until it is cut off from the rest of the body and or the blood supply.

"The best way to kill the infected is cut off their heads or shoot through the heart. Don't get their blood on you, don't get bit and don't make love to them." The voice fizzled as static took over. Sam reached his pale figners off the steering wheel to turn off the radio.
The barren road held nothing but corn on either side of the two lane highway. Up a head peeking over the green stocks just starting to harbour rippen ears a red and blue Gas n' Go sign stood.

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((Copied from Brimstone: Post by Slappy))

Zack ducked his head as he booted through the rows of corn surrounding him. He squinted his eyes every time a leaf or a low-growing ear slapped his face, his feet almost losing their place as his boots crunched the ripened duds. Twisting and jerking to a stop, Zack tried to drop his wheezing to a choked whisper as he listened for any nearby movement. There was no more hissing. No other sets of feet pounding his tracks. Zack heaved a sigh, only to catch it halfway when a rustling screamed for his attention. He crouched just in time to avoid claws from ripping his face open mid-dive.

Zack heaved himself to his feet and spun to face his enemy. Wild eyes narrowed at him, locking on his neck. The creature's curled claws flexed in the dirt, armored limbs tensed, its exposed canines snapping at the air. A guttural snarl ripped from its throat and then it was on Zack, tearing at whatever he failed to shield. Fire slashed across his stomach and face, and Zack panted weak screams. He pulled his knees to his chest and kicked with as much power as he possibly could. It was enough to push off the attacker, and Zack scrambled to regather himself and to find a weapon of sorts. His eyes scanned frantically for something, anything, dancing from the corn stalks to the beast to the ground to the blood staining his clothes. The creature was up and spitting at him. Zack scooped a cob of corn nearby and hurled it at the creature. The impact made its ears flatten, but that was about it. And it was even more pissed than before.


The creature leapt at Zack again, jaws searching for his throat. Instinctively Zack cringed away, flailing his arms to shield his face. The world tipped sideways and the ground met with his head. There was a brief pause and Zack was still. Something wet splatted on his face and he blinked. Zack tried to swipe away whatever it was but realized that he was unable to move his arm. Another splat. The creature's teeth were sinking into his right forearm, saliva stringing from its mouth. Zack yanked his arm, but it wouldn't let go, so he tried kicking and gripping with his other arm, his fingers managing to dig into the creature's eye socket. Zack curled his fingers and wrenched his elbow down. He heard a squish and a pop, then his right arm was free and the creature was writhing in the dirt a foot away from him. Blood flung everywhere as the creature swung its head left and right, snarling and spitting. Zack heaved himself into a crouching position, then winced and cradled his damaged arm.

Heartbeats passed and the creature's stomping had calmed. Zack glanced up to find it seething and tensed once again to attack. One of its eyes were squinted shut, puss and blood oozing from between twitching eyelids. The creature bore its canines through trembling lips. Zack cursed under his breath.

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From Brimstone: mine XD
((I really wish I could find the Spell check on this site, would be really handy XD))

Sam watched a patch of corn weave and wave oddly. Slowing down puzzled, he waited unsure just watch he was seeing. Rolling down the window. He could hear the screams and shouts, the growling grunts of a strange combined species that seem to have dominated the planet from the mutating disease.

Putting the SUV into park. Sam reached back and pulled out a loaded rifle. Hopping out, he started toward the screaming in the field.

"HEY!" He yelled seeing the armored coyote trying to make a meal out of a healthy looking man. Firing a shot at the beast.

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((From Brimstone: Slappy's post))

Zack braced himself for another blow from the creature when he heard the sound of a motor rumble close by and sputter to a stop. Both the creature and himself paused and turned in the direction of the sound. A car door slammed, and a few moments later, they could hear footsteps scuffling through the dirt. Corn stalks shuddered. Somebody shouted “Hey” and pulled the creature's attention. It spat and hissed and tensed its haunches, but before it could leap, there was an earsplitting bang and the creature was crumpled on the ground. Blood started to ooze from a hole right between its eyes. Zack gawked at the body, then his stare rose to the smoking rifle still poised at its target. A little higher, and his eyes fell on the weapon's owner.

His windswept blond hair fell down to his shoulders, matching his ivory skin but deeply contrasting his all-black clothes. He looked kinda pissed, kinda not. He held the rifle with firm hands. Zack looked down at his own. They were trembling. Blinking hard, he jumped to his feet, swayed a little, then fell on one knee with a muted thunk. Zack winced and tried getting up again, only more slowly. He managed to find his footing and looked back at the man a few feet away from him. “Thanks,” he managed to say, his voice trailing off. Zack was at a loss for words. He didn't even know who this guy was.

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From brimstone: Mine

"Easy there buddy. Don't get up too fast." Sam walked over kicking the armored canine once to make sure it was good and dead. He shot it again just in case.
Popping the shells out of the rifle, loading two more in.

Sam glanced at the dark haired, slightly tanned man. No.... not man. Not yet. Teenager. Dirty, bloody with his hair mostly in a low pony tail. The rest of it was ascrewed from the fight.

"You're welcome. You infected?" He asked looking over him very carefully for any signs of infection. Snapping the rifle into one again. "If you are, keep walking, if you're not. I got some first aid supplies in my truck." he pointed his gun towards the road and trail he made in the corn stalks and dirt. He held out his hand. "I'll help get you there... if you're uninfected."

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Copied from Brimstone: Slappy's post

Zack flinched when the man fired another bullet at the dead creature without warning. He held his arm closer to his chest, then slackened his hold when the man began to speak. He vaguely noticed the man look him over.

Zack clenched his teeth every time he mentioned “infected” or “uninfected”. The clicking of the man's rifle made the words seem sharper, harsher. It was always like that. It was always a matter of infected or not. Zack closed his eyes and let out a slow breath from his nose, then looked back up at the man. He had a hand stretched towards him. “I'm not,” Zack finally said, clapping his palm into the stranger's.

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(Copied from Brimstone: mine))

"Good to know." He gave it a quick shake before letting go.

"That was some fight you put up with that beast. Been on the road for a while and haven't seen a soul other than you."

Looking down at the teen he frowned. "You able to walk?" He asked worried.
Glancing over his shoulder at the rows and the road. "I can bring my truck up here if it's too much for you. Even with me helpin' you. That's some bleedin' you're doing." he offered.
Of course who was to trust a stranger these days.

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Brimtone: Slappy's Post((Lol they keep getting shorter xD))

Zack blinked hard a couple of times, trying to keep his eyes focused on the man, but his sight kept blurring out. His voice sounded like it was coming out of a tunnel. The blood loss was starting to get to him. The man was offering to help Zack. Did he really have any other choice? He'd been wandering for days without a clue of which way he was supposed to go. This guy had a truck, or maybe could give some directions-- hell, he might even have some food on him. It was true Zack knew nothing about this guy, but it was either that, or sit like a log and wait for another hungry carnivore to rip him inside-out.

Zack swiped the blood from a gash on his forehead. “I can walk, I think. Got a shoulder to lend?”

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Brimstone: Mine XD
((It Happens. LOL It's all okay. At least it's moving along it's all good. ^_^ Not all posts have to be epic XD ))

"Yeah." Shouldering the rifle, Sam came up next to the not so bleeding side of the teen.

"What's your name again?" He asked wrapping an arm around the lean middle taking the other males weight. Noticing he wasn't focusing, and the blood was more than he cared to see. Sam got a better idea.

"Hold on, this may jar you a moment." Sam warned shifting and picking up the younger teen carrying him bride style. "There." he huffed trying to watch his footing on the raised rows of corn.

"Watch the corn fins, they cut and hurt." he tried to warn not sure if that groan was from the boy in his arms that... wasn't very light... or something else.

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Slappy's Post

“Um, name's Zaa- whoa!” Zack gasped as he was suddenly swung into the guy's arms, bridal-style. His face burned red and his mouth hung in an empty “o”. Zack's entire body throbbed from the abrupt shift, but it was more humiliation that made him wince. Then the man began to walk through the corn field in the direction he'd come from. Zack relaxed his face after a few steps and looked at the stranger's arms. They didn't bulge out like crazy, but it was obvious this guy had some solid muscles. Zack couldn't help but compare them to his own. He wasn't a stick, but there was no way he could win an arm wrestle with him either. Zack eyed the rifle on the guy's back. Now if he could learn to aim that thing around...

The stalks of corn were starting to thin out, and Zack caught sight of a rusted pickup truck parked at the edge of the field. Weeds poked out every few feet, so much that the gravel road was barely visible. “I guess I kinda didn't say my name there. I'm Za-” The arms holding Zack tightened around him, and he felt the ground smack his body, grass and the sky spinning in front of his face. Chunks of dirt and a knee bounced off his head, and then the world stopped and somebody groaned. Zack coughed and opened his squinted eyes. He was lying in a ditch, the stranger sprawled on top of him.

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Sam groaned. He has lost his footing coming out of the corn Field and stumbled in the ditch. Unbalanced by Za's weight, they both tumbled, harshly. Crashing head over heals, Sam lost Za. When the world stopped spinning. Sam laid sprawled on top the poor injured teen.

"Och..." Sam grunted rolling off of the lump. "So much for being a good rescuer." he groaned. Squinting at the bright sun beaming into his eyes. Blood smeared his forehead where he was sure a bruise was going to swell.

"Stupid question.... Are you hurt any more than you had been?" He asked sheepishly, crawling to his knees in the cold dirt. Looking apologetically. "I'm sorry about that."

The rifle laid off to the side. The grubby looking forerunner sat as if mocking him for the spill.

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Slappy's post

A giggle bubbled from Zack's mouth as he heaved himself into a sitting position once the stranger rolled off of his body. He was starting to feel giddy. Zack noticed the blood on the stranger's forehead, where there was no cut. He'd smudged some of his blood on the guy. Coughing a few more laughs, he rolled his shoulders carefully and dipped a curt nod. “Nothing broken. That's gotta be something.” Zack grinned. Everything was starting to bend and change colours. “Hm,” he breathed, “We in Kentucky? Always wanted to see blue grass.”

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Sam raised a brow smirking at Za. Then frowned at the Kentucky comment.

"Okay, blood loss. Got to deal with that." He slowly got to his feet.

"Stay here." He ordered heading up the slope to his rusty red SUV. Opening the back hatch, he looked around checking for any infected. Grabbing the first aid supplies he took what he needed and headed back to the ditch.

Sliding down the slope again, this time with better footing. He knelt down in front of the loopy teen he saved.

"Okay Za, let's treat those bites." Leaning over he started with cleaning the cuts and bite wounds using saline solution. "It's cold but shouldn't hurt too badly." He told him. "Lets take off that sweater." Trying to give it a tug to take a look at just how bad his arm was.

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Slappy's Post

Zack shook his head and swallowed as he watched the guy stand and climb up the ditch. A minute later he slid back down, gauze and disinfectant in his arms. The guy tore a piece of the gauze with his teeth and began dabbing at the cuts on Zack's face. He winced when the disinfectant kicked in. “Ah, sorry about that,” Zack sighed, tilting his face to the side for the stranger to reach the blood along his jawline. “Getting a little light-headed. Eheh.” The man nudged Zack's shoulder gently, encouraging him to help take off his sweater. Zack nodded and tried shrugging out of the cotton. Bits of the material were burrowed into his right arm, where the creature had clamped down hard. It was sticky and soaked with blood, and it took a few tries to peel the entire sleeve off. Zack's shirt was even worse; almost the entire thing was red. Biting the inside of his cheek, he tugged the second layer off as well.

It didn't look any prettier without the shirt. Three deep gashes ran down Zack's chest, oozing and angry. Multiple smaller cuts raked across his torso in jagged lines. His arm exposed torn muscle, and he could feel the bruises forming on his legs. Zack reached for the roll of gauze and ripped himself a wad. “By the way, I'm Zack, although you can call me Za if you want, I guess.” Another laugh escaped his lips. “Don't think I ever caught your name.”

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"Nasty." Sam made a face using tweezers to pull out the material in the cuts. "sorry." He apologized again using the disinfectant on the cuts. "Those are deep and wide." he frowned taking out a jar of already strung sutures.

"Sam, my name is Sam. Samalander if you get really pissed at me." He smirked dabbing before he started to poke the needle into Zack's flesh.

"Zack eh? That's better then Za." He kept talking trying to keep Zack from passing out and his mind off the tug and pain of the stitches.

"Hang in there buddy." He cut off the end and tied it working on another wound.

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Slappy's Post

“Sam,” Zack repeated, trying out the name. He grinned. “Don't like Salamander? I'll admit it's a bit of a mouthful, but it's kinda a cool nickname.” He took in a sharp breath when the stitch slipped and looped through his skin. Clenching his teeth, he looked up at Sam, trying to focus on his eyes. They were liquid silver. Minutes passed and finally there was a tug and Sam cut the thread. His fingers played with the roll of gauze, then wrapped it around Zack's stiched-up arm. Picking up the needle again, he returned to the looping on a gash on his chest. Wincing, Zack pulled his mouth into a tight smirk. “I'm lucky a guy who knows what he's doing found me. Thanks again.”

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Sam chuckled. "Samalander is my full name. Sam's the short version." Finishing up stitching the open gaps and bandaging up Zack.

"You're lucky someone at all came." He chuckled picking up the first aid supplies and tucking them under one arm. Leaving the useless hoodie on the ground.

"You need a lot of rest. If you don't mind the back seat, You can sleep there for a while. Or days. Until you get better." He said standing up and helping Zack up.

"Need me to carry you again?" he smiled.

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Slappy's Post
Zack coughed a laugh. “I think I'll take my chances on my own feet against the ditch,” he teased, pulling himself up with Sam's help. Everything flipped upside-down for a second, but after a few blinks he was able to regain his sense of direction. Zack shook his head, but stupidly that only brought another flash of vertigo. Eyes stretching to focus on something, Zack swayed and gripped Sam's shoulder for balance. “Whoa,” he said, standing still for a moment. He stared at an ant crawling up a blade of grass until the ground stopped changing colours. Slackening his hold, but not letting go, Zack sighed. “Maybe I need a bit of help.” His cheeks burned.

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"Don't worry about it." Sam nodded putting an arm around Zack's middle and shoulder helping him up the slope of the ditch.

"You need to take it easy. Like I said, that's a pretty nasty fight you got into. You'll need rest." giving the dark haired young man a bit of a shove as he got up the soft edge himself.

"Easy Zack." he helped steady him once on the even surface of the road.

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Slappy's Post

Leaning into Sam, Zack started to climb up the ditch's slope. He stumbled slightly when Sam gave him a shove up the final crawl, but found his footing before he thought he'd notice. Nonetheless, he was helped steady himself anyways. Zack said a weak thanks and made his way to the truck, but hesitated with his hand half-reaching for the door handle.
“Ah,” he began, not really sure how to word his question, “where're you headed, by the way?”

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