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Well. That went well. How many hearts were you hoping to break before the days end? -OPEN!-

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The Pets:
Well. That went well. How many hearts were you hoping to break before the days end? -OPEN!- Hallow_belzeeHollow Belzee
Name: Harley.
Personality: Laid-back, calm, optimistic, a great beliver in Karma, a bit of a flirt, if only with a certain faded belzee.
Well. That went well. How many hearts were you hoping to break before the days end? -OPEN!- Faded_belzeeFaded Belzee
Name; Willow.
Personality; serene, most of the time. Very kind, caring, a worrier, hates arguments and confrontation, can seem a bit cold or anti-social, but it's just because she's shy.
Well. That went well. How many hearts were you hoping to break before the days end? -OPEN!- Belzee_normalz_edited-3-1Normal Belzee.
Gender: Male.
Name: Chuckzie.
Personality: A bit random, scatterbrianed, eccenteric. He's Harley's best friend they get into all sorts of scrapes together.

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(Harleys speech and thoughts will be in brown, Willows in indigo and Chuck's in Dark blue.)
"Aw come on Willow. Go out with me." Harley weedled. They were walking through an orchard. A cherry orchard at that. Pink flowers covered the trees and pink petals covered the grass, even the sunlight shoe down pinkly through the petals.
"You know, if you keep asking this every time we go for a walk when Chuckzie's at his mothers I won't go." Willow said through tight lips.
"Aw, but Willow, I know you like me back just a little bit." Harley said grinning slightly, moving a flower filled branch so many of the petals dropped on Willow, blending in with her coat.
"No. I don't Harely. I like someone else, so just leave me alone."
Her words hit Harely like a ton of bricks. "Oh... You could of said earlier... Instead of... I'll leave you alone, if you want me to... Any guy would be lucky to have you Willow." He surised he managed to keep his voice level, he hadn't yet relized his voice had raised an octave in the effort. Harley turned and almost ran back the way they had came.
"Harely!..." She called weakly. "Oh, Willow What have you done?" She asked herself quietly, sitting down under one of the many blossom trees. It wasn't true, she didn't like someone else, the words had come out in the heat of the moment, she did love Harely, his optimism and kindness, but he could be so immature, so young and thoughtless, reckless even, and that was the Harely she hated, the one that got into all sorts of trouble with Chuckzie and left her to sort it out becuase unfortunatly he was stuck with a bucket on his head, upside down in a tree!

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"Dammit! Harley Its just a Damn girl!" Chuckzie yelled loosing his temper.
"Chuck, I'm fine, I just want to be alone for a while." Halely said, no emmotion in his voice. Dead. Just like how he felt inside.
"Aw, come on Harley!" The slight southern accent noticable, just like Harely's had been. "She don't deserve you any ways."
"Just go. Please."
"Fine. Just dont be suprised if A come back with a bucket on ma head. I'ma going divin'" And with that he left, leaving the poor hollow belzee alone, under another blossom tree out in front of a very old and extremly scruffy cottage.

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"Its becuase your a-"
"No Chuckzie. Now Just leave me alone!" Willow yelled, throwing a rotten apple at him.
"It is though isn't it?" He said dodging it with ease.
"No." She spat.
"Oh god you... I mean you don't like me... do you?"
"Ewww! No! ofcourse not Chuckzie... I mean no offence..." She said, very much disgusted.
"It wasn't no offence when you told H to leave you alone was it? Is it cos' he's hollow?"
"You know, he said to you any guy would be lucky to have you. He was wrong. Any girl would be lucky to have him, and you definitly dont deserve him." He said scathingly. Stalking off, though he ruined the effect slightly by walking into a tree, well the vision from inside his bucket wasnt great...

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Harley sat under the apple tree, thinking. Harely didn't ussaly sit and think. he was ussualy doing something stupid and reckless with Chuckzie. A small smile came to Harleys lips at that thought, stupid and reckless. Now there was a good thought.

Harley came back from cliff diving cut and briused but happy none-the-less.
"Hey H!" Chuckzie called from upside down in a tree.
"Hey Chuck!" Harley called back.
"So whatcha been doin' I heard you went and jumped off a cliff! Knew it wont true like, but you didn' 'alf give me a scare."
"I went and jumped off a small cliff, you know that one with the cave underneath that you can walk down,its ony like two meters up there."
"Cool." Said Chuckzie apreciativly.
"Cool, stupid and reckless." Harley muttered,his comment unadiable.
"Err... H can you help me get down from 'ere I think I 'ave gone and got stuck."

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"Liliac said, that Jhonny said that, Martin said that Izzy said that Camie said that Harely had jumped off cliff." Said a irritatingly high voice, it was a female comon belzee, known for her ourageous gossip. "And, it was a high one and he was trying to drown himself and it was because of you. But I think he was pushed." She whispered to Willow, who was growing paler by the minute.
"Where is he now?" She croaked.
"I dunno Intensive care maybe. Where to people go when they jumped off cliff?" The common belzee asked in her irritatig nasal voice.

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"Chuckzie!" Willow screeched, running toward the belzee. "Wheres Harley?!" She asked, very hysterical.
"He's over there." Chuck muttered growling slightly, he didn't appreciate Willow's presence not one bit.
Harley had accidenlty picked this moment to fall alseep in the shade, looking very vunerable, with his arm in a sling form where Chuckzie had fallen on it, when he untangled him from the tree.
"Oh my gawd Harley!" She schreeched flinging herself down by his side.
"Wha-?" He aske genuinely confused.
"You jumped of a cliff! Harley that suicide!"
"What? No. I didn't jump off a cliff in a suicide attempt, recreational purposes only."
"That small cliff, with the cave down by-"
"You reckless stupid git! And I suppose you hurt your arm untangling Chuckzie from a tree?"
"You suppose correcty. Willow, which guy do you like, I'm just curious." He asked.
"I'm sorry Harley. It was a lie. I just wanted to get you off my back, becuase... well I hate the Harley thats stupidnand reckless and immature, but-"
"I love the one whos kind and optimistic."
"You know Willow, I'm not going o stop doing stupid reckless things, you're just gping to have to live with me as I am." He said unable to stop himsekf from grinning
"I know." She said simply, smiling back at him.


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